So you’re just starting out in your career. You’ve already got your eye on that next rung up the ladder. So how do you get ahead?
Here’s 10 steps to move your career forward.

  1. Be positive. No one likes a negative Nancy.
  2. Make sure your boss isn’t surprised. If you know something is brewing (internally or externally) make sure it’s not anything that is going to take your boss by surprise.
  3. Don’t bring problems to your boss. Bring solutions. Don’t like how something is going. Don’t go complain. Come up with a plan and present it.
  4. Do your homework. Know what’s going on in the company and the industry.
  5. Keep perspective. Is what you are doing in line with the plans of the company. Does it move things forward? Is it correct and accurate?
  6. Stay focused. What is the company mission? How are you helping that be achieved?
  7. Use active listening. I always heard you have two ears and one mouth. So listen twice as long as you talk. Let someone finish their thought before you jump in with a comment.
  8. Nurture your reputation. Look the part. Be known as a problem solver. Work with integrity.
  9. Learn a new trick. Each year add a new skill to your basket. It adds value to you and to the company.
  10. Know what your boss sees as a priority. Help them accomplish what matters to them.

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