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3 Career Resolutions for 2021

bulletin board with sticky notes showing New Year's Career Goals

It’s the first day of 2021! Everyone is busy making their New Year’s resolutions. You know…those promises we make to ourselves.. like go to the gym…eat better…read more….the ones we drop like a hot potato after a couple of weeks? This year set some career resolutions instead.

Try these career resolutions

Develop clarity about where you want to go. If you’re unhappy, feeling unchallenged or unappreciated, it might be time to consider a job change. If you’re loving life where you are, think about the skills you need to beef up or learn so you can continue moving forward. It’s ok to step out of your comfort zone and explore new ideas and opportunities. In fact, that’s the time we really start to grow and learn about ourselves.

Nurture and grow your network. Whether that’s former colleagues or current ones, make sure you’re checking in and supporting their efforts as well. A strong network will be valuable to you throughout your career. Show them some love on LinkedIn by dropping an endorsement, recommendation or simply sharing their posts out. Your network is an investment, so take some time with it.

Finally, take care of you personally. You can’t be your best at work if you don’t take time for you. Make sure you spend time with family and friends. Make your health a priority – especially with our current environment. Set boundaries with your time.

Make your goals a success

As you set your goals, remember they should reflect your values and passions. Take a look at the big picture and make sure there is a path for your future in what you choose.

Think about others who’ve accomplished similar things in their professional life. Don’t just study their steps, learn their vision, fears, habits and really discover how they got where they are today. Find mentors in fields that interest you and get real world advice on setting yourself up for success. Ask how they overcame the inevitable struggles, challenges and distractions you know will come up along the way. Most folks are happy to share their experience with you.

Whatever your goals are, remember, the worst thing you can do is remain the same. If you aren’t growing and developing skills, you’re dying professionally. Staying the same makes you less valuable over the long haul to your company. Bring those goals to life by setting a timeline to achieve them. Break them into small bite size chunks and identify the steps you’ll need to take to achieve your version of career success.

There’s a saying…Where you go is determined by how you grow. Need help getting started? I’ve created a 2021 Career Planner designed to set you up for career success. You can download it for free.

Want to see what’s inside it? Check out this video.

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