I’ve been watching a lot of Ted X talks. A lot of the same themes reoccur and they’ve really been sticking with me.
Mel Robbins talks about ideas.  (
Our problem is not the lack of ideas in the world, but the lack of activation and energy that accompanies those ideas. She says unless you marry the idea with an action, you will kill it. I see that all around me. At work, when we do things the same way over and over because that’s how it’s always been and wonder why results never change. In life, when we look for that one way to make our passions a reality. How many of us have lists and lists of “things we want to accomplish” and they stay right there on the list?
So you’ve got the ideas and your ready to dust that list off and put some action to them, but that there’s that voice in your head that says you won’t succeed. Scott Dinsmore ( says you have to become a “self expert.” We all have a set of unique gifts or strengths. We all have a set of values and life experiences that shape our thoughts and point us in the direction of doing work that we love.
He also talks about setting yourself up to do the impossible. If you read my earlier post of doing the impossible, you know that I agree with him. According to Dinsmore, when you show yourself you can do something, it transfers over into the rest of your life.
What will you do to live your passion?

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