We use bios for so many things: introductions, blogs, websites and even when meeting people at conferences or networking events. Part of being a great story teller, is being able to tell the story of you in a way that sticks with whoever hears it. In order to do that, you need to spend a little time visioning what it is you want people to know.

  1. Use your bio as a way to let them know how what you do can benefit them. People always remember “what’s in it for me.” If you can address a need or a problem for them, make sure you let them know right in the beginning.
  2. Don’t start at the beginning. They don’t care where you were born or where you went to school (unless you’re speaking at an alumna event). Pick out particular highlights that showcase your skills or business wins.
  3. Leave out the jargon. It doesn’t sound impressive. It’s confusing to people not in your business.
  4. Don’t hide behind your credentials. Instead have examples of how you’ve managed successful campaigns, created high responses or otherwise solved client’s problems.
  5. Leave off the fluff. Just show them your results. Use testimonials to show the transformations you’ve helped other people obtain.
  6. Point out your strengths. A bio is a great place to toot your own horn. Let your passion show through.
  7. Your bio should show your vision and have your unique voice.

The about page is often an afterthought. Don’t waste an opportunity to share what’s important to you.

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