Dead people working


Is your office full of dead people working? Or do you have a vibrant force of employees who know the why behind your business? Do they tell your story to every customer that walks through the door?

You can feel the culture of a business when you walk in. You’ve been to places where you are greeted (or not) by employees who would rather be anywhere else. You’ve also been to those businesses that you look forward to visiting again.

Do the employees have a service spirit? Are they satisfied? Do you have a program in place that helps you retain the good ones? Are they engaged and productive?

All of these things play into the satisfaction that your customers feel. It’s contagious. It creates loyalty which is a huge driver in the success your business will have.

There are many drivers of employee engagement. They include: relationship with the boss, corporate culture, communications, training and development, compensation and benefits, and growth potential.

Perhaps one of the best places to start in addressing employee engagement is by “re-recruiting your current employees.” You’ve already invested in them. Got them on payroll. Now it’s time to remind them why your organization is a great place to work.

You’ve got to give them a more compelling reason than a paycheck to come to work each day if you want them to be an advocate for your business.
Do they know your why? Can your employees tell the story of your business? Do they know the heart and passion behind it? Do they know why your organization is better than the competition? How do you define your business and where do you see it in the future? What goals do you have and how can your employees help reach them?

Creating engagement by your employees means empowering them in certain areas. Do they tell customers, “I can’t help you do that?” Or “we don’t do that?” Or do they say, “let me see what we can do?” Allowing employees the ability to help customers creates more than satisfaction. It creates ownership in the process.

Do you recognize those who perform unbridled acts of service? Publicly and privately.

Creating an engaged workforce doesn’t require a huge investment of money. It does require an investment of time and thought. No one wants to feel taken for granted or unappreciated. By creating a top down attitude of care, your employees will become the driver or your message both internally and out in the community. They become your allies in the success of your organization. They make your story come to life.

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