Let’s face it. Sometimes life doesn’t go as we plan. How we deal with those setbacks either propels us forward or pulls us deeper into the abyss.
Setbacks require change on your part. It’s ok that it happened. But you can’t keep putting forth the same efforts if you are expecting different results. You’ve got to be willing to try a different approach before you’ll see change take root.
Take time to look at what isn’t working. Think about why it doesn’t. You’ve got to avoid actions that have caused you problems in the past.
Emotions can also cause you to drift off course. When you realize you are heading in the wrong direction, you need to work to get back on track. There is a right way and a wrong way; what you should realize is that the wrong way of doing things is by trying to get everyone else to do it the “right” way.
Be prepared. Expect the unexpected. Things are going to happen along your journey. You’ve got to find it within yourself to keep moving forward.
Don’t expect your first plan to work every time. You can’t hit a home run all of the time. Be prepared with a plan B and C and G and L – you’ve got 26 letters to work with after all. Just because your first option didn’t work, doesn’t mean the next one won’t.
Most of all, you’ve got to keep an open mind. If you try something that doesn’t work, don’t get frustrated and quit. Keep at it. If it’s important to you, go that extra mile and you’ll be proud you did.

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