Here are 6 ways to tell if your website needs rehab.

  1. Ask yourself these questions. Does it have a goal? Is it useful and readable? Why would someone come to the site? Most people don’t go to a site because they just feel like sitting in front of a computer and reading about your company. Is your site full of in-house thinking? That simply means is it written for the people using it or is it written for your employees? Websites should use real words and not be filled with industry jargon.
  2. Does it identify you? Your site should:
  • Tell everyone about you – who you are, why they should listen
  • Be clear where the information is coming from
  • Be current and relevant – outdated information is a killer
  • Have a point of view – find a tone and style and stick with it

3. Great sites are scannable. Use bold type to highlight key points. Use lists and subheads to make information easily digested. Don’t underline anything that isn’t a link.
4. Write less text.
5. Downloads should be labeled appropriately. If it’s a PDF, mark it as such. If it’s a large document tell them before they initiate the download.
6. Interactivity is key. Use virtual tours. Add video. Use polls and surveys. Anything that draws the reader in and keeps them on your page is the key. Polls and surveys also give you quick information about what interests them and what you need to consider adding in the future. You can build future posts based on what your readers are telling you matters.
Just a few tweaks can help you create a website that draws readers in.

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