Do you have those days where you’d like to stay under the covers and just not face the office? We all do. The key is finding that balance where those days are few and far between. The same goes for those people we manage.

Are your employees giving their best self on “most” days? If not, you need to figure out what is out of balance. Are they overwhelmed? Are they bored? Either is just as big a problem as the other.

You need to help find focus. Sometimes when we dump more and more ideas and projects into the mix, it becomes hard to make any of them a success. Some people need help in narrowing down what is important. Having defined tasks is a comfort and it allows them to concentrate on achieving a specific goal. Others thrive on a challenge.

Are you constantly saying yes to everything? Sometimes you need to say no. Not taking on additional projects when you are already under stress is ok. You have to be gentle with you. Saying no leads to better yes’s down the road.

Finally, we all need an attitude adjustment at times. What happens when we let someone else effect our attitude? It normally only takes seconds for that to happen. You’ve got to remember that you get to choose how you respond.

When you take time to choose your team wisely and choose your focus, you’re setting yourself up for success. Balance comes from spending more minutes with people who make you feel better and less with those who don’t.

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