Happy Thanksgiving to you!
I’m writing this sitting on the couch at my parents home. I love being back home and spending time with family and friends. There’s something special about being surrounded by that unconditional love and encouragement. It’s grounding and energizing all at the same time.
This year, I’m especially grateful for saying yes to a dream and being able to share that process with so many people who have such special places in my life. What I’ve realized is where you are right at this moment is a result of what you’ve said yes to throughout your life. Even more importantly is the fact you added energy, or action to those yeses – because without action, nothing gets done.
The process of writing, editing and publishing a book became much less daunting by breaking down the steps into mini goals. Whether that was writing an hour each day to get the words on paper or deciding on a cover, having a series of small steps kept the process moving forward. I’d encourage you to do the same thing as you look forward to your next yes.
Think of it like this:
1. Decide
2. Create
3. Pursue
4. Receive
It’s important once you identify your next yes to make the commitment to add the action so that you can reach your goal. That’s the decision.
Follow that by creating your plan – or mini goals or missions. Design a plan that works for you with milestones that challenge you to keep moving forward.
Pursue your yes with diligence and drive. There will be days you just want to say screw it, I don’t feel like it. Those are the days you have to push yourself and make just one more small step forward. Don’t let those days pile on top of each other. Make yourself the promise that each day you’ll do at least one thing – no matter how small – to be one step closer to accomplishing your yes.
Finally, receive your accomplishment and celebrate that accomplishment. There’s nothing wrong with taking a moment and really soaking in the fact you did it. You stuck to something and brought a dream to life. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t someone else’s dream, it was yours and you breathed life into it. Relish that accomplishment.
Along your journey, you’ll find so many moments and people to be grateful for. There will be encouraging words that counter that negative talk inside your head. There will be well placed advise that moves you forward. There will be someone who decides to say yes to their yes because they’ve seen your commitment and drive.
So on this day of gratitude, first I want to say thank you to everyone who has played even the smallest role in bringing my dream to life. Secondly, use today to start your journey and bring your own yes to life.

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