Characters make a story. Before your story will resonate with a reader, you’ve got to give it a heartbeat. Is the content something your reader wants or can use?
It should tell what you are going to do for a reader. Are you going to show them how to make better use of time? Or how to be a better speaker? Maybe you want to share how to live a more grateful life.
So you’ve picked your message. How do you know a great story? It is message driven. And when the message resonates, your tribe will begin to tell your story for you. That’s when you know you’ve hit a home run. Once you have reviews or your followers sharing your post, you know you’ve struck a chord.
Want to carry it one step further and make it a grand slam? Think integrated messaging. Identify all your possible targets and make a plan to get your story in front of them. Think of it as your personal message kit. You’ve got to be ready to share your story whenever the opportunity arises.
Think about all the places you can get your message out and make a plan to reach those readers.

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