Let's design a personal digital brand that makes you stand out in the crowd.

Transform Your Personal Online Brand

Creating your digital brand will position you so your strengths are highlighted and you stand out for your unique talents and abilities.

Whether you’re actively seeking a new career, seeking a promotion, stuck in a career you don’t enjoy or just beginning to investigate what is waiting for you, I’m ready to help you find your Successfully Ever After.


According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process.

Almost everyone is using social media to check out whether someone is who they say they are or not. Employers are checking out potential candidates. Schools and organizations are checking out potential scholarship recipients. And admit it, when you meet someone, you probably do a quick search to see of their Facebook profile matches your first impression.

We’ll start your personal brand transformation with a close inspection of all your online assets (even those you might have forgotten).That’s called a online media audit. It’s important your online persona matches the one you want to portray to potential (or current) employers. Every time you like, share or comment, you’re revealing something about yourself. 

We’ll perform “Damage Control” and make a plan to deal with anything lurking in your profiles that potentially could keep you from your dream interview. Don’t feel bad. Almost everyone has posted something that in hindsight they regretted. Whatever it was, we’ll find ways to clean up your online image.

Maybe you’re thinking you should just delete your social accounts and that will solve all your problems. Before you hit the delete key (that’s called ghosting) according to a survey put out by Harris Polling company (done for CareerBuilder), 57% of employers will not interview someone without a social media presence. That’s up from 35% in 2015. 61% of employers who use social media when hiring say they are looking for information to support the candidate’s qualifications

From there, we’ll start building a profile guaranteed to impress. We can’t stop people from making a quick first impression, but we can make those impressions work in your favor. We’ll address the 4 key areas people notice on your profile so you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. 

Are you ready to stand out in the sea of competition? Through Successfully Ever After you’ll: 

  1. Complete a personal brand audit to determine your current digital currency.
  2. Receive specific social media recommendations designed with your career in mind.
  3. Learn to build a Linked In Profile to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.
  4. Develop a Power Resume that is age proof and targeted for your dream job.
  5. Develop a list of key words for an attention getting cover letter.
  6. Reframe your mental game for a successful job search.
  7. Identify potential connections, both personal and in online communities.

This 30 day program utilizes the information you uncovered in your personal social audit, and adds in internal reflections, to build a personal brand so you successfully navigate the hiring process, a career change or a total career transformation.

Let's Talk About Your Personal Digital Brand

Your 30-Day journey begins with a digital brand audit followed by a  45 minute review call to determine our next steps.

We’ll discuss what’s most important to you and develop your unique brand to help you find your dream job. 

Every day you’ll receive information and action items  to prepare as we move you down the path of successfully ever after.

Create a vision: We’ll focus on getting you started down the success path. You’ll explore how you feel about work, what you enjoy, what you want and how success looks to you. We’ll talk about what you need to be excited and inspired again.

Uncovering your gifts: Once you have the vision, we’ll focus on what makes you uniquely and authentically you and how to leverage that in your job search. We’ll focus on the steps you need to take to build the confidence in yourself, so you shine. We’ll create your personal marketing plan and investigate the best way to utilize your current network through a connection plan.

Your successfully ever after road map: Creates a clear plan for you with actionable steps to create your personal career brand through social media, resume building, and interview tips. The plan will be your guide as you move forward.

Space is limited to just 10 people so that I can provide you the personal attention you deserve. Reserve your spot for just $397. Will you find a reason now isn’t the time?  Or will you invest in your future? 

Make today the day you say yes to eye opening insights and an action plan that puts you on the path to your….

If after the 7 days you feel the program isn’t right for you, you’ll receive a 100% refund. 

Wake up tomorrow excited and energized to see what life holds. Let’s get started today building your personal digital brand before the door of opportunity closes. 

Let's Get Started On Your Personal Brand Today

Why Work With Me?

Hi, I’m Chellie and I want you to wake up every day excited about the work you do. I know what it’s like to dread Monday. I left a 20+ year corporate career because I dreamed of a life where I woke up everyday excited about what I was doing. I was tired of being bored and disengaged. I knew there was something waiting on me where I could use my skills and talents in a way I enjoyed.

I created a digital presence showcasing my best skills and talents and you can too. Looking for a job or changing careers can be an intimidating process. But it’s easier than you think to position yourself for success through personal branding.

Why work with me?

1. I’ve been in your shoes. You’re working with someone who successfully navigated a major career change after age 45. I’ve gone from bored and unengaged to loving my work life again.

2. Working with someone who has over 20 + years of experience in marketing, public relations, and employee coaching.

3. Certified Life Coach

4. Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

5. 14 years of mentoring experience.

6. Author of When In Doubt, Delete It!

"The journey to ensure others see your potential can be quite frustrating. Chellie helps you unlock your highest potential faster and easier."
Denise Ott
President, Atlas Management Resources
"Chellie has helped me find my passion and purpose again. She gives you straight talk and great advice. She's helped me find the joy in what I'm doing again."
Casey Rogers
Area Liason for U.S. Representative Martha Roby

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