Whether it’s your blog, direct mail, email or a brochure, you’ve got to make sure the benefits of your company or product are front and center. Don’t bury the information that customers need to make decisions.
Few people read every word. Make sure your headlines, sub heads, lists and captions carry the important information.
Does your piece have a clear call to action? Don’t waste your time being subtle. Make sure you are inviting them to place an order, attend an event, or sign up.
Don’t assume one marketing piece will seal the deal. Make sure all of your pieces are connected.
Use video and photographs that get noticed and tell a story. Video draws the most people and is becoming the most sharable content in the digital realm. Photos should add to your story. Show don’t tell when you can. Illustrations and infographics are also great ways to add visual interest while adding to your message.
Keep your layout simple. Don’t use to many fonts. Limit yourself to two typefaces.
Stick with it. Don’t change your style or material every other week. It takes time to build visual recognition. If you’ve got something that effectively tells your story, don’t change just for the sake of change. Remember, the same people aren’t looking at it every day. It’s fresh and new to that new customer or reader. If they are a follower or repeat customer, that visual identity becomes familiar and builds trust and security in their minds.
Don’t forget to follow-up. You’ve created the piece that got attention. You crafted that clear call to action that got results. Now make sure you don’t lose the sell. Follow-up with the customer. Establish yourself firmly in their mind. Get them the information they requested. Keep in contact with an e-newsletter. This will grow that relationship and further build on your success.
Include testimonials from satisfied clients. Offer repeat customer incentives. Give them previews of “member only” content. These follow-up pieces should involve your audience as well. Ask them for their ideas or wants. Use surveys or polls to make them interactive. This will also give you valuable information about your audience or customers.
You’ve worked hard to bring that audience to you, make sure you are doing everything possible to keep them.

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