Everyone wants more time. Yet each of us have a limited number of days, weeks, months, and years on the Earth. If you want an eye opening visual representation of just how much time we have, check this out —  A 90 Year Human Life in Weeks. So what are you doing to make sure each day is as full and meaningful as possible?


Plan your day.


Spend a few minutes each night planning your next day. Make sure you know what appointments or deadlines are on the books. Make your to do list. Then at the end of each day, look back and make sure you know what’s coming up tomorrow.


Make a daily schedule. Use a planner. Assign times to the items on your to do list. Even if it’s an appointment with yourself. If it’s important, give it the appropriate time. You’re less likely to put it off if you schedule for it. It gives value and you treat it like a priority. Don’t just record work activities. Make sure you schedule your gym time, errands, kid’s activities and anything else that eats into the 24 hours you are given each day.


Make sure you schedule in some down time as well. You’ve got to recharge in order to face the next big task energized and ready to go.


Keep distractions at bay.


Know what your greatest distractions are and plan to deal with them. Is email your curse? What about Facebook notifications? If you sit to watch your favorite program on TV, are you still sitting there 3 hours later? Weigh the cost of the distraction against the benefit of completing something that matters to you.


You control your environment. You can limit the access distractions have in your life. Turn off notifications. Turn off devices. Set the DVR. Unplug occasionally from technology, put your phone on do not disturb and get things done.


Take care of you.


Work needs you at focused. Family needs you engaged. Friends want your fellowship. You can’t be what everyone needs unless you are taking time for yourself.


Do something each day that is active. Take a walk. Go for a run. Do a 5 minute YouTube workout. Your health matters.


Give yourself a break. Make sure you build in time to recharge. Reward yourself when you finish big projects (personally and professionally).


Most of all, understand you can’t do it all. Sometimes even the best made plans fall apart. Don’t beat yourself up. Just get up tomorrow and make it a better day.


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