Your customer satisfaction can be greatly increased just by focusing on the relationship they have with your organization.
Here are 10 questions to ask yourself:

  1. How fast do you respond to their need? How quickly do you get them an answer? People perceive your speed as quality.
  2. Are you predictable? In business that’s not boring, it’s a good thing! Are you consistent? Do they know how to reach you? Do you keep appointments? They depend on you to provide a consistent pattern of behavior.
  3. Are they comfortable doing business with you? How do you increase that? Do you provide a safe environment?
  4. You need to look/act like the expert. Do your employees dress the part? Can your employees clearly describe your programs? Being able to clearly communicate goes a long way in making you appear to be an expert.
  5. Is there affinity? Can your customers find their “match” in your employees? Are they involved in the same community activities? Do they respect each person who they assist?
  6. Are your employees able to sacrifice for the customer? Do they go out of their way to help? Are they empowered to “give a little?”
  7. Do your employees say thank you? Do your customers feel like you are thankful for them? Or do they feel like you take them for granted?
  8. Do your employees welcome customers? Are they greeted when them enter your workplace?
  9. Do you ask, “how are we doing?” And do you follow up on what your customers tell you?

And finally, the easiest thing you can do to improve the customer relationship is probably the simplest.

  1. Use their name. It makes them feel they are important.

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