On your own? 3 pieces of advice…

On your own-3 pieces of advice for those starting out on your own.
The three most memorable pieces of advice I received when I was starting out on my own were: 1) clarity comes through experience, 2) map out your short and long-term plans, and 3) practice self-care.
Clarity comes through experience. This simply means putting yourself out there and learning new things. Meet new people. Experience life. You’ve got to see what ideas really appeal to you. You can’t shape the direction of your future, if you’ve not seen all the places you can go.chick clique
Map out short and long-term plans. This helps you capture your dreams. Plan what classes you need. Plan what internship gives you marketable skills. If you can see it, you can become it.
Practice self-care. You’ve got to have that me time. You need time to play and refresh. You’ve got to replenish your energy so that you can keep on giving to other people and moving forward. You’ve got to get enough sleep and eat well. Mind and body are tied together.

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