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Opportunities don't simply show up at your door. If you're ready for the next step in your career, it's important to know the secrets to positioning yourself and your abilities so your supervisor sees and recognizes your potential. 

Unlock FREE access to my VISIBILITY GUIDE and get the tools 100's of my clients have used to prepare for their year-end evaluation and make themselves promotable. 
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82% of employees want to discuss their career prospects with their managers, but 40% of employees won't ask for a raise or promotion.

Ambition isn't a bad word. 

By using this guide, you'll get access to the same tips 100's of my clients have used to develop a plan to gain visibility in the workplace and put themselves on the path for promotion. 
As a career strategist, I've seen a real disconnect between managers and their employees when it comes to discussing career paths. That's because 58% of managers haven't received any management training.  They don't know how to set measurable goals and are unsure how to provide valuable feedback. 

For an employee, this conversation is important because it gives you a clear idea of where you stand and what you need to do to succeed. It can also give you an indicator if you need to start looking for another job or if you have what it takes to get the promotion or pay raise you want where you're at. 

Have you ever wondered why people who are "worse" at their jobs get higher salaries, better promotions, and seem to have more options than you? Having a great work ethic and the right qualifications won't guarantee you a promotion. It's about positioning yourself as the best candidate and being brave enough to ask for what you want.

Maybe you feel like creating visibility for yourself feels like playing office politics? Or maybe you feel management should know what a good job you are doing? I hate to tell you, if you leave it up to someone else to recognize your value and accomplishments, it could mean you don't get seen and promoted.

Inside my FREE VISIBILITY GUIDE, I'll show you how to effectively increase your visibility in the office, how to share your accomplishments, and how to discuss the strengths you have to offer the organization.  Implementing these goal setting techniques can help you land the promotion you have been dreaming about. 

Use my VISIBILITY GUIDE and make the most of the one-on-one time you have with your supervisor. Get clear on their expectations and how they perceive your performance and leave with a plan that starts you moving up the ladder to success. 

"Chellie helped me find my passion..."

and purpose again. She gives you straight talk and great advice. She's helped me find the joy in what I'm doing again. 
Casey R. 

"Experience was a huge roadblock..."

for me. No one wanted to hire me without 3-5 years of experience for an "entry-level" position. I had searched for two years before using these tactics. Now I have a job in my field. 
Alex H. 

"The journey can be frustrating..."

The journey to ensure others see your potential can be quite frustrating. Chellie helps you unlock your highest potential faster and easier. 
Denise O. 
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Unlock this FREE tool 100's of my clients have used to increase their visibility at work and make themselves more promotable
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