Get Noticed, Get Hired

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A definitive guide for serious job seekers who need the keys to navigate today’s digital search market. Building a personal career brand allows you to showcase your experience and skills and catch the eye of a recruiter or hiring manager. The tips and strategies inside are designed to land you in the interview seat of your dream job.

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Have you put hours into your job search and submitted so many online applications trying to land a job of your dreams only to be ghosted by the recruiters and hiring managers


Or perhaps you’re a recent college graduate asking, “How do I get a job without experience?”



Maybe, you’re just ready for a career change. If it’s been more than five years since you’ve searched for a job, you need to realize the rules to finding a job in today’s digital job search market has changed.



Get Noticed Get Hired is a definitive guide to showcasing your experience and skills, while offering tips and strategies designed to land you in the interview seat. You’ll learn how to:

· Build a personal career brand designed to make you stand out throughout your career

· Create a power resume designed to get results

· Learn to beat the Applicant Tracking Software bots designed to keep your resume from landing in front of a real human being

· Maximize your LinkedIn profile for optimum discoverability

· Build and utilize your personal and digital network for career success

· Get the most out of career sites like Monster, Glassdoor and Indeed

· Show up more prepared than the next candidate at your job interview

· Learn the secrets to help prepare you for promotion



Get Noticed Get Hired, provides you a roadmap to professional success using the methods developed by author Chellie Phillips through her Successfully Ever After personal career branding program. She’s successfully helped job seekers learn to tell their story in a way that showcases their strengths, skills, and passion, so they land a job in their chosen career field.


Gone are the days of just sending out your resume and hoping for a call back. Today’s job postings receive over 200 submissions and over half never make it to a hiring managers desk. Get Noticed Get Hired was written so this never happens to you. Building your career brand is vital in today’s job market whether you’re looking for your first job, re-entering the market, or planning a career change.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Get Noticed, Get Hired

  1. Ruth Pierce

    Job searching has CHANGED. It is important to know who you are and what you truly want to do. This author, Chellie W. Phillips, shows us step by step the best way to find your personal brand, create your resume in such a way that someone will look at it, and how to use social media to your advantage. Get noticed and step forward into your fulfilling career! – Ruth Pierce

  2. Doug Fitzgerald

    “Get Noticed, Get Hired” has everything you’ll need in one place to land your ideal job. This book walks you through job hunting strategies, building a power resume, crafting a personal career brand and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Follow the steps Chellie lays out and you’ll be the job candidate all the hiring managers and recruiters remember.

    I believe so strongly in Chellie’s expertise, that I signed my son up for the online course. Since working through the course and directly with Chellie over the past few weeks, I’m happy to share that he just received his first interview request and another company has requested his resume. Those are texts from a college senior that a dad loves to get. Thanks Chellie! – Doug Fitzgerald

  3. Sandy Brantley

    I’ve built a career around helping students launch into the adult world. It’s tough landing that first job after college, but Chellie shows recent graduates that by building a personal career brand, they can start climbing the ladder of success right out of the gate. Get Noticed, Get Hired is full of strategy and advice for job seekers in any phase of life. It’s like having a career coach alongside you as you navigate today’s digital job search market. – Sandy Brantley (The Duck Wrangler)

  4. Shanda C.

    This book is full of great advice for first time job seekers or anyone who has been out of the job search market a few years. Times change fast and this book will get you up to date with tips to show case why you are the person employers want to interview. It’s a great personal read and also makes a great gift for those entering the job market for the first time. – Shanda C.

  5. Julie W.

    If you recently lost your job due to the Corona virus, or you are just not happy in your current job. Then this is a must read for you. Chellie’s book is full of tips on how to get noticed and get hired. – Julie W.

  6. Nell W.M.

    Calling all job hunters! Do you want to get noticed by recruiters without spending hours online? Do you want to get noticed and land yourself an interview? And keep your resume from ending up in the trash? Then “Get Noticed, Get Hired” is the right book for you. Chellie’s book is full of tips on how to land a job even in the toughest of times. – Nell W.M.

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