Make a resolution to get those creative juices flowing in 2017. This time of year everyone is talking about resolutions and goal setting. Don’t panic. Instead think of it in terms of what you can do to add more joy and productivity into your life. 

I’ve made a simple list of things you can do to get that creative spark burning once again.

1. Read- it opens your mind to new ideas, causes you to create images in your mind, expands your vocabulary and so much more. 

Fun fact – grab a real book. You get more engrossed and retain the info better. Digital reading doesn’t stick – you’re brain is trained to skim a screen (think text, email, etc…)

2. Reflect- and I don’t mean beat yourself up for something you didn’t do. Take time to notice all you did. List your accomplishments. What succeeded. Who you enjoyed collaborating with. Write down left over projects you still need to finish. Make a list of new ones you want to tackle. Take a minute and think about all you are thankful for and what makes you special and “you.”  

3.Get moving-Move your body. A healthy body is a great thing. It also gets the blood pumping. When you exercise, you’ll be surprised at how many ideas will pop into your head just because you’ve quit focusing on a problem for a few minutes. 

4. Make time for it. You’ve got to give yourself time to write, draw, dance, play. Try something you don’t normally do. Make an appointment with yourself.  Write 500 words a day. Learn a new song each week on the piano. Shoot 20 photos and edit them. Sketch two new drawings a week. Whatever sparks your creative energy, set aside time to grow that talent.

5. Clean out the clutter — make sure you have a dedicated place to work. Make it full of your personality. If you’re like me, you’ve collected pieces of inspiration and ideas throughout the year. Clean out what doesn’t inspire you. Make room for new ideas. Clean off your computer. Back up photos and old files. Get them off your tablet or computer. 

6. Gratitude – Take a minute and write down something from each area of your life (family, spiritual, work, health, etc…) you’re thankful for. Tack that list on your bulletin board and look at it often. It’s a great reminder to have on those days you don’t feel like crawling out of bed.

Most of all – plan to have fun! Laugh often. Watch funny videos on YouTube. Take up roller skating or anything else that takes you out of your comfort zone and adds excitement and fun in your life. When you are having fun you’ll see obstacles in a different light. You’ll be more free and open. You’ll make decisions that feel right and you’ll see opportunities around every corner. 

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