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There are still people who think there is no return on investment (ROI) where social media is concerned. They are still convinced it’s just something the younger generation is using. It’s something you can let an intern focus on.
Well I’m here to tell you, they are sadly mistaken.
You may not be able to count the return in inches of space or number of runs, but there are definite metrics that can help you showcase your results. (I’ve discussed these before in a previous post. If you are interested, check out Measuring Success With Analytics.)
What you aren’t thinking about are the numerous other ways social media can enhance your communications efforts. Social media is a great way to foster collaboration between you and your clients. It’s a great way to start a conversation and see what matters to them.
It can build loyalty. Think of it as tribe building. You provide your customers (followers) with information they need and want. If that information is trustworthy and accurate, they will continue to come back to you and they will share that information with their circle of friends. They can also be a strong advocate and help you protect your reputation online if you are unfairly attacked in the digital realm.
Social media can help drive sales and generate leads. Offer special offers to your followers. Give incentives if they bring new people to you.
It can also enhance your customer service. Being responsive in a forum that is the choice of your customer makes them feel like you are where they are. If your page isn’t monitored 24/7 make sure you note that. Make sure people know how long it takes you to respond. And by all means, respond.

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