The structure of a story

The structure of a story

The Structure of a Story

If you took a journalism class, you’ve been taught the pyramid concept of putting a story together. However, there are lots of things to consider as you being to write your story.

You always start with a lead.

There are many ways to intrigue your reader and create interest in your story. Try creating a picture in your readers mind. Use a visual scene. Bring in the human element. Ask a question. Give an interesting fact. Show controversy or conflict. Share a success. Tug at heartstrings. Highlight an unusual element.

Immediately following the lead, you need your nut graph. Tell the readers what they will get from reading your story. It’s basically the promise your story will deliver on. It will be the focus of your story.

The body of the story flows with the help of transitions and then finally, you have the ending.

You should save the best for last in the close. Bring the story together and tie it back to the lead.

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