The 3 C's of Messaging

Three C's of Messaging

Does your business have a message? Do you want people to identify you with specific ideas, products or services?

Implementing the “Three C’s” drives those messages home with your customers. You need to be consistent in your message. Completely communicate your message. Be creative in your communications.

Consistency. You have to make a plan and stick to it. Your story or message needs to be told the same every time by every employee at every opportunity.

Completely. You are the manager of the message. It is your responsibility to make sure the whole team – not just you and your department – is on the same page.

Be creative. Think of new ways to deliver your message. Could you put it on your vehicle? Can you create a look and feel that energizes a tired message? Have you put it in today’s words? Are there phrases or terms that are no longer current? Develop a social media campaign. Think of any way you can draw attention to your message.

There’s a bonus “C” as well – Be Correct! If you are quoting someone, get it right. If you are using facts, make sure they are accurate. If you can’t get it right, don’t send it out.

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