Use brainstorming sessions to tap new ideas

Your story is only limited by your creativity. Make sure you carve out time to keep that creativity alive. In order to create new products or tap into new markets, you’ve got to work at creating innovative ideas. One way of doing this is with brainstorming sessions. Everyone can have input. Once you have a list together, you can go through your list of ideas and find ones with promise or value. Some people work best in a free form environment, others need that group to toss things around in.

If you decide a group session is for you,  keep in mind there are six types of people you’ll encounter in a brainstorming sessions.

  1. The facilitator – that person keeps the group on task. They are the focus.
  2. The fact checker – needs all the facts and to verify them before they can make a decision.
  3. The emotional thinker – it feels good, I like it, so let’s go with it. They don’t need justification, only to know if it “feels” right.
  4. The creative thinker – looks at all the possibilities. Loves new ideas and concepts. Maybe it’s way out there, but let’s consider it anyway.
  5. The “every day is sunny” person – nothing is bad. Every idea is a great idea. Who cares how we do it.
  6. The downer – what’s wrong with this, here’s why it won’t work, are you kidding me?


You probably recognize these people – you might have even thought a name when you read the description. When you are planning your group, I urge you to carefully consider the personalities you include in the mix. While each can have a valid place in a business setting – adding someone who always finds the negative can really hamper the free flow of ideas. Yet, when you get ready to take your ideas and narrow your focus on real possibilities, you need to mix in the fact checkers, facilitators and creative thinkers to build a solid plan.

If you’ll rid yourself of restrictive thinking, you’re on the path to creating a bright new chapter in your story.

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