Use the long Labor Day weekend to outshine other job searchers

Labor Day, isn’t just a 3-day weekend. It’s a celebration of the contributions all workers have made in growing the prosperity of our nation, economy and wellbeing of all those who call it home. However, there’s 1,000’s of people who get up every day and trudge off to a job they hate. They sit at a desk knowing there’s no chance for advancement. They feel unappreciated and under valued.

If you want more out of your work life, this weekend is the perfect time to take action. While everyone is bingeing Netflix, or overindulging at neighborhood BBQ’s, you can be on the way to finding a career that improves your financial situation and offers you a chance to use your skills and talents.

So Grab your tablet or laptop and spend some time assessing what it is about your career you enjoy and what you don’t. Think about which of your skills provide you the most satisfaction. Think about careers that give you the opportunity to use them and also give you an environment you can continue to grow.

It’s time to get serious if things aren’t great in your current career situation. If your goal is to find a new job, you need to create a power resume and cover letter. Don’t forget about updating your LinkedIn profile. Use this weekend to contact recruiters and build your network. You’ll stand out and be first in their in-box when they get back to work mode on Tuesday.

If you’re serious about finding your Successfully Ever After and want the tools and strategies to get noticed and get hired, this program can take your job search to the next level. I’ll share a 30 day strategy designed to land you in the interview seat for your happily ever after dream job.

One final tip, take advantage of all the Labor Day sales to get a new outfit for your future interviews. You’ll show up dressed for success without breaking your budget.

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