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Life is better in matching underwear….and so is your writing
I know you’ve got to be thinking, “What the heck does underwear have to do with writing?”
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Well, just like we each have a favorite pair of unmentionables; each person has a type of writing they respond to or style they write with. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look.
Bikini: Conservative but not prudish. Their writing will come with a dash of humor, will be honest and sincere, a little playful but also intelligent.
Briefs: All about the status quo. This writing is comfortable and predictable. Why fix it if it’s not broken? Nothing to get excited about here.
Boy shorts: Practical. Streamlined. Their writing is real and comes across as a friend telling you like it is. It’s not sugar coated or filled with frill.
Boxers: Writing generally doesn’t stray from what is common place. It’s comfortable. Probably a straight talker. However, beware of a jumble of words that don’t really add anything to the mix. You know just like the extra fabric that gets bunched up inside your pants. You won’t need a dictionary to get through their article.
Boxer briefs: The writing is tight and held together with logic and thought. The choice of words reflects thought and intelligence.
Thong: Nothing stops them, even if their thoughts might cause a little discomfort. It’s about finding a balance and taking a risk. Everything is in its place. No tolerance for fluff. They speak their mind even if it takes them out of their comfort zone.
Granny panties or tighty whiteys: Doesn’t believe in compromising style for the sake of comfort. Will always cover the subject in depth. Their writing is honest and comfortable but will never push you to think outside of the box.
Commando: No holds bar. Doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Says exactly what’s on their mind no matter the cost. It’s all about expression.
Unlike underwear, writers don’t have the luxury of keeping their preferences hidden under layers of clothes. Once we hit send, our words are out there for the world to see and judge. We reveal ourselves in a truly personal way with each choice of word. Just like your choice of skivvies is completely personal, so is the way each of us fashion a sentence, phrase or thought.
No wardrobe is exactly the same. Just like some outfits require a different foundation, so do different types of stories. Make sure your writing wardrobe compliments different audiences. No one is all lace or in your face every day. Laid back and comfortable have their place too.

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