What’s My Story

My name is Chellie Phillips.

Since I was in elementary school I knew I wanted to write.

Ok… so maybe I wanted to be a movie star in my younger days?

I’ve been lucky enough to turn my passion into a career. I’ve been blessed with a supportive loving group of family and friends who have been by my side from the beginning.

I graduated with a degree in journalism and PR from Troy University. I spent the first years of my career telling other peoples stories as a features editor and news writer for a daily paper.

Now I work for an electric cooperative. Talk about a story! Sharing how people came together to bring electricity to rural communities and how they continue to power the lives of those who live there.

Roxie, Izzy and Daisy

At the heart of things, I’m just a simple southern girl. I love Alabama and Troy football. I drink gallons of sweet tea. I love to read, write, take pictures, and play with my dogs. And I’m really happy when my toes are in the sand at the beach.

However, in the last few years, my love for writing became truly personal. There will always be those truly special people in our lives.Unfortunately, no one is guaranteed forever. While my faith assures me I’ll see them again, there was a big hole left in my heart with the death of my grandmother, uncle and close friend – Carolyn.

Carolyn (center) fought hard against pancreatic cancer and never lost the spirit or smile that made everyone who was around her feel loved.

It became my mission to find and write my story. So I set out writing a family story book. I cried. I laughed (yes, my mom did actually dress me in that outfit). I healed. But most of all, I knew our stories were in a form that could be shared for generations to come.

Here’s just one of the stories….

Here Kitty Kitty

   ” Family gatherings – holiday or not, seem to center around that house. You never know what would happen, or what story you’d hear. A favorite comes at the expense of cousin David. According to those who love me, I’ve always had an active imagination and never had any trouble entertaining myself. So that’s my only excuse for what happened next.

 I don’t really remember what the occasion was, but I do know that the whole family had
gathered for a meal. Animals have always had a place in my heart so it seems quite logical that my playmate of choice that day be a kitten. I’m sure it was the cutest bundle of fur you could imagine.

Cousin David got into the picture purely on accident. I was busy entertaining myself, crawling around the room calling, “Here kitty, kitty.” Then I’d wait a few minute and make cat noises.Then proceed in my imaginary search for the illusive creature. This went on for some time (and my attempts at meowing must have been much better as a child than with age).

Next thing everyone knew, my cousin is looking under his chair trying to help me ind the cat that has somehow gotten into the house. I’m not so sure he found it very amusing when my mom filled him in on the fact that the cat was all in my head.”


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