When In Doubt, Delete It!

When In Doubt, Delete It!

As young girls, we dream big dreams of finding our Prince Charming and living the successfully ever after fairy tale – but then life happens.
I know, because it happened to me. I found myself waking up at a point in life wishing it was a bad dream. I knew I wanted a different ending to my story, but I was wallowing in my “bless her heart” moments and trying to drown the hurt with gallons of sweet tea.
Then I sucked it up, realized I controlled my own future and started making my own edits.
Just as an editor uses proofreader marks to make stories more readable and understandable, we can use those same edits in life to add more clarity, success and joy to our stories.
When In Doubt, Delete It! shows you how to change your life with five proofreader marks – delete, insert, move, begin, and stet.
Learn how to:

  • Delete things holding you back.
  • Insert qualities and ideas that help you grow.
  • Move toward what brings you happiness.
  • Begin adding new experiences to stay out of a rut.
  • Remain true to yourself.

If you’re ready to start a new chapter, Author Chellie Phillips created 36 Life Edits using her 20 plus years of experience in team building, mentoring and corporate public relations to show you how to take control of your choices and beliefs, so you’ll be ready to walk through the door of opportunity when it opens for you.

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“Reading When In Doubt, Delete It! is similar to receiving sage advice from a good girlfriend. Chellie uses her gift of writing to share sound, practical advice that can be used by any woman at any stage of life. Utilizing an editor’s approach to everyday life allows readers to realize how quickly we can stop and make changes instead of accepting that our story has already been written. ”

Cristina Bowerman, Executive Director
Newnan-Coweta Habitat for Humanity Inc
“When In Doubt, Delete It! is such a fun, unique, and refreshing way to receive great life advice! Chellie’s personal anecdotes are so relatable and inspire you to evaluate the important things in life, and then to do what it takes to relentlessly pursue those things as you work toward becoming the best version of yourself. If you’re feeling unsatisfied personally or professionally, this is a must-read to rediscover and reignite your passion, so you can live a successful and fulfilled life.”

Nikki Stephens
Assistant District Attorney
“After reading over the first few chapters of When In Doubt, Delete It, I could see the faces of over a dozen women who I will be purchasing this book for upon its release! Chellie’s straightforward edits are for people like YOU who are convinced they have a bigger purpose, who are passionate about their dreams, and who know that they are meant to do something big. Whether you are still at the idea stage, or whether you are ready to open the door of the next opportunity, Life Edits is the solution that you need to get the life that you deserve.”

Tory Minus
Author of Inevitable Collision, Proud Mom of 4
“Reading this book will have you no longer feeling alone as a working professional woman. Chellie helps you realize that not only are your struggles shared by others but most importantly, they are your biggest learning opportunities. You will feel empowered to take risks, love more deeply and live life to the fullest, regardless of anything that comes your way!”

Lindsay Bridges
Vice President, Communications & Member Services, Georgia EMC

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