Engaging the Next Generation of Co-op Members
We know our cooperative model resonates with Millennial’s and Gen Z’s. How do we use that to our advantage to build a strong co-op membership for the future? This session highlighted not only successful programs targeted millennial and future members, but covered questions you should ask before you begin. Once you’ve established a program, I showed how to grow that relationship and gain even more loyalty and satisfaction from a different demographic …… their parents. If you’re looking to engage youth (or any segment of your membership really), this program is sure to be an idea starter.

Making Your Story Matter To Someone Not Like You
People value the “why”  more than the product or service. Learning to tell the story of your company gives people a glimpse into the why it was created.Making that connection increases your companies success. By crafting your story, and telling it with passion you’ll be giant steps ahead of your competition.
Once you’ve defined your story, you’ve got to put it in a format that reaches all of your customer bases. Learn how to market your message to diverse customer types and grow you success. When you can tap into those feeling and give them a reason to choose you, you are setting your company on the path to success.

High School and College Students

At the Co-opportunity Conference,  high school students learn about their strengths through multiple activities and sessions.

“What’s Your Story” centers around the discovery of your strengths and talents.You’ll take a look at the chapters in your life and how they all work together building the you you are today. Then take it one step farther, learning how to build on that story for the future. Your story becomes your personal brand. By developing it, you’ll be leaps ahead of others in college, scholarship and job interviews.

You are the sole editor of your story. You are responsible for how it gets told. You can use social media to enhance or tear down your image with scholarship committees, recruiters, and application screeners.