Personal websites are not an oddity anymore. You don’t have to be self-employed or a small business owner to have your own site. With WordPress and Square Space and other companies providing templates that are basically copy and paste or drag and drop, it’s super easy to build an online community. If you are thinking about branching out into the freelance world, either to supplement your income or with the thoughts of your passion becoming a full-time career, you’ve got to have a personalized online presence.   
Most importantly you need to choose the right domain. Unless you have an established business name, I suggest you use your name as the domain. Choose a .com,.org or .net address because these are the ones people are most familiar with.
The site needs to be about you, not the business alone. It should be designed for the group of people you are trying to reach, not for the masses. You need to think about what it is you want them to do when they arrive. Make sure it’s easy for them to find the things they need.
Make it visual. Videos and pictures grab attention must faster than text. Show that you have been successful and are qualified to provide the service you are promoting by including recommendations from people who have used your services.
Make your bio a piece that shows who you are and gives an insight into your personality and why you care about what you do. Share stories about your life. The more personal you can be, the bigger chance that you connect to a client. People do business with people, not a company.
Offer freebies to help build your email list. Growing that list will give you the biggest chance to market your services down the road. However, don’t abuse it. People have trusted you with the information, so don’t overload their inbox and don’t share the information unless they have given you permission.
Do some thinking before you start building that site and soon you’ll have crafted a vibrant place that draws people to you and hopefully increase your client base.

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