You Got Your Diploma, Now What?

Only 27% of college grads leave school with a career in their chosen field.

You’ve spent years grinding through your studies to come face to face with the reality a job in your field isn’t waiting for you.

Instead, the average student leaves college with over $37,000 in student loan debt.

Maybe you find a job but it doesn’t require a degree. You’ll get by, but studies show you’ll be making at least $10K less per year than if you landed a job in your field. That’s going to stretch those loan payments out even longer.

Frustrated? You aren't alone.

After turning your tassel, the last thing a graduate wants to do is move back home with mom and dad. It feels like you’ve lost your independence.You’re getting depressed watching everyone around you succeed after applying for what feels like the 100th job only to learn you need more experience for the entry-level position you just applied.

I have great news….

It doesn’t have to be that way!

In just 30 days, you can learn the keys to a successful job search including…
Brand Audit

Executing a brand audit designed to set you up to stand out with recruiters and hiring managers.

Strengths & Skills

How to identify and present your strengths and skills so there's no doubt you're the ideal candidate for the job.

Applicant Tracking

Tips for sailing past Applicant Tracking Software and catching the eye of Human Resources.

Utilize Your Network

The value of utilizing your personal and digital network of connections during your job search.

Keys to Job Searching

Strategies designed to utilize job sites effectively and overcome today's job search roadblocks so you stand out from all the other candidates.

Power Resume

Insights on building a power resume and cover letter designed to land you in the interview seat.

An Amazing Career is Waiting For You

You Can Dramatically Boost Your Chance for Career Success with a Personal Career Branding Coach.

If you want to line up a career before you stroll across the stage and pick up your diploma, Successfully Ever After gives you the necessary tools and strategies in 30 days that will get you noticed and land you in the interview seat.

For 30 days, I’ll show up in your inbox and you’ll have access to an online course where you’ll receive tactics designed to land you in the interview seat.

You’ll get daily lessons, weekly workbooks, 3 private coaching calls, and valuable, personal feedback at strategic points along the way.

Successfully Ever After Gives You the Tools You Need to Land Your Dream Job

Personal Brand Audit

A Personal brand audit will determine your current digital currency. A workbook will guide you through a personal brand audit. Valued at $250


Private Brand Assessment

Once your brand audit is completed receive a one-on-one coaching call to go over the results and design a personal brand with your dream job in mind. Valued at $350

LinkedIn Profile

Serious about landing your dream job? A LinkedIn profile is a must. Receive detailed instructions on building a headline that grabs attention. Valued at $250


Clarity Email

I'll personally review your LinkedIn headline and profile and offer suggestions so you stand out as the perfect hire. Valued at $250


Social Media Clean-Up

You'll develop a targeted approach using social media to promote your personal career brand and learn how to clean up any areas holding you back. Valued at $250

Power Resume

You'll receive specific information on building a resume that beats Applicant Tracking Software and grabs the attention of Human Resources. Valued at $200


Key Word Cover Letter

Surveys show hiring managers spend 30 seconds or less reading a cover letter and determining if someone is a viable candidate. Learn how to write a letter that doesn't land in the trash. Valued at $200.

Personal Deep Dive

Once you've crafted your updated resume and cover letter, I'll personally read and email you recommendations so it fits the job description and qualifications of your dream job. Valued at $200

Facebook Group

You get private access to my member-only FB group. I'm ready to hold you accountable and support you along the process. You don't have to navigate your job search solo. Valued at $250.


Up Your Mental Game

Self sabotage can keep you from landing your dream job. You'll get motivation and tips to keep your mental game on point as you search for your dream job. Valued at $200

Identify Contacts

Using your network of contacts is vital in a job search. Learn the key to approaching people and how to ask for their help. PRICELESS since 60% of hiring managers consider referrals bring in better candidates.

Receive Your Roadmap

On Day 30, receive Your Roadmap for Success - a one-on-one coaching call with a detailed plan designed to keep you on track and moving forward until you land your Successfully Ever After. Valued at $350

If you purchased all of these services alone,
you’d spend well over $2,700.

But you can have access to this 30-day program for

As added bonuses throughout the 30 days, you’ll receive templates to use as you contact potential employers and an e-book on how to answer 10 of the most common interview questions.

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