Don't Waste Another Day Feeling Unfulfilled, Undervalued,
and wanting more

Are you struggling to find balance? Does that small voice inside encourage you to do more? You're not alone!
You have the power to change your life today!

Try it Yourself

Chellie Phillips, author of recently released When In Doubt, Delete It!, guides you as you discover things you should delete that are holding you back; begin inserting ideas and qualities to help you grow; start moving toward new experiences and identify how to remain true to your authentic self.

Together, we’ll connect the dots between your professional and personal dreams, so you can live a life of clarity and reach your successfully ever after. 

When In Doubt, Delete It!

When In Doubt, DelETE IT!

36 life changing edits that will add more clarity, success and joy to your life

"Chellie has written a book that you can sit down on a cozy afternoon, read, reflect and enjoy. You will find yourself frequently picking When In Doubt, Delete It! up to go back to a section on what you are living right then. Her wonderful stories make the book come alive and help you see that many others are living with the same fears and desires. I know the students that I work with would love this book. "
Barbara Patterson
Director, Student Involvement and Leadership, Troy University
“When in Doubt, Delete It! is like sharing life’s joys and challenges with a dear friend and gaining truth, encouraging words and a hug that sends you away stronger. Chellie has a heartening way of leading us to our own deeper edits so we might rediscover the things we love and use them to write a better chapter - for ourselves. We can all choose to take the time to examine our heart, notice the good and say yes to life! Well done, my friend"
Lynn Moore
Executive Director, Touchstone Energy Cooperatives
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