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Culture Secrets

Culture Secrets

We all know that culture is essential for a business, but how do we cultivate it? How do we choose a culture that will guide us toward achieving our mission? What are the main elements that we should be focusing on? Culture Secrets: Any Leader Can Use to Build a V.A.L.U.E. Culture provides answers to these questions and more. Arriving on shelves April 20, 2023, Culture Secrets is filled with case studies, personal anecdotes and solid, practical advice.

Learn the Secrets

Award-winning Author Chellie Phillips provides actionable advice leaders can implement to transform their company today into one that is thriving in every aspect and enriches the lives of their employees. Transforming and implementing a V.A.L.U.E. Culture has never been easier. Using these secrets will set you apart from other business leaders, and thrill your employees, your customers, and keep your competitors up at night wondering what’s changed.

V.A.L.U.E. Culture

Each successful culture follows the V.A.L.U.E. Culture formula, which is:
V – Vision
A – Accountability
L – Leadership
U – Uniqueness of Your Employees
E – Engagement


Interviews and More

Along with interviews from leaders representing Panasonic Global Automotive™, Yamaha Motors ™, Menlo Innovation ™, WD-40 Company ™, Mercedes-Benz Stadium ™, Touchstone Energy ™, Bots For That™, and more, you’ll discover real-world stories of companies who have built strong cultures that help increase productivity and attract the most talented.

See What Others Are Saying

“Chellie does a great job compiling not just my ideas and feedback, but many other ideas from trailblazers in the industry. What she shares in this book are the very things every leader (and organization) can use to build a successful culture where both the employees and the company thrives.”

Stephen Childs

CHRO, Panasonic Automotive

“Chellie captures it. Culture is the essential software defining how good companies take care of their team so they can take care of customers, their community, and business!”

Harry Hynekamp

VP Guest Experiences, AMB Sports & Entertainment

“Success in business starts and ends with people. “Culture Secrets” is an actionable guide for people-first organizations to create cultures of sustainable success.”

George Grombacher

Top 100 Financial Advisor, Speaker

“Chellie’s unique branding perspective, her VALUE-based approach to culture, and the insights her interviews provide, make this book THE KEY to unlocking a breakthrough for your company’s Culture.”

Christopher McCoy

VP of Business Development, Trusum Visions

“ ‘Culture Secrets’ is a must-read for anyone looking to set a higher bar for leadership and create a more positive and productive work environment for all.”

Peter Rabey

CEO, X4 Group

“Chellie captures it. Culture is the essential software defining how good companies take care of their team so they can take care of customers, their community, and business!”

Daniel Lawrence

Managing Director, Lawrence & Wedlock

“If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall while leaders and executives are digging deep into what matters and what moves the needle, you’re in the right place. Chellie doesn’t espouse her theories or give anecdotal evidence to back up her suspicions. She brings you into the room while she’s drilling deep into leadership and growth mindsets regarding work and a culture of excellence with those in the trenches.

This brilliant approach gives you a seat at the table and brings you into the conversation, rather than relying on hearsay or speculation. What a breath of fresh air, and a breadth of experience in these pages! Your organization will be enriched after reading this, or better yet, having Chellie address these ideas in person!”

Carrie Wilkerson

Author & Business Consultant,

“Society, and the business world, teach us that our needs, wants, and desires disappear when we turn 21 and become adults. They turn off, and it is you, the human, who must address the needs, wants, and desires of the business. They supersede you. A V.A.L.U.E.-based culture says both the company and the employees have needs, wants, and desires and BOTH are important to the success of our mission. Chelle hits the nail on the head with “Culture Secrets: Secrets Any Leader Can Use to Build a V.A.L.U.E. Culture” as she illustrates for you why your culture is your internal brand and how just one bad apple in top leadership can have a SIGNIFICANT impact on the success of your company in all the ways you can measure it. The pages inside the covers of this book are a must-read for all corporate Executives and Business Owners.”

Andy McDowell

Leadership/Business Coach/ Host, Generate Your Value Podcast

“As a business consultant focused on business transformation, I will be using Chellie’s advice in “Culture Secrets: Secrets Any Leader Can Use to Build a V.A.L.U.E. Culture” as an essential building block of both business planning and transformations. Without employee engagement from the beginning, growth and change are far more likely to fail. Having the roadmap provided in Chellie’s book, employees will be far more productive and truly operate as a team. Chellie has put together a guide that delivers practical and straightforward techniques any business leader can use to begin positively impacting employee engagement.”

Robert Towle

Founder, New River Solutions

“It’s not often you come across a book that leaves you this informed and inspired to stay fresh, stay agile, and yet grounded to your values in business. The next time I’m asked for advice on how to succeed in business, ‘Read Chellie Phillips’ book, ‘Culture Secrets’ will be the next words out of my mouth.”
Mike Kim

Wall St. Journal bestselling author, You Are The Brand

“Chellie Phillips has captured the secret of any leader’s success, to build an engaged workforce that is fiercely loyal and has the best work outcomes. Why? The employees feel VALUED, and that motivation allows their energy to remain engaged in the workforce. That is how I felt as I read Culture Secrets. As a leader in the workforce, I apply what I have learned from this book and the individuals I serve in return are so dedicated to the heart of the work that their energy is catching! This book has the power to do that for you as well.”

April Tribe Giauque MSED

Author, Out of Darkness: Find, Fuel, and Live in Your Light

“Share the limelight with your team, was a pearl of wisdom Chellie shared with me on the UnNoticed Entrepreneur show. This book contains so many precious insights that will reassure, guide, and inspire the reader to create a V.A.L.U.E. Culture based organization that will engage employees with both their hearts and minds.”

Jim James

EASTWEST Public Relations, Author, Host , The UnNoticed Entrepreneur Show

“Culture is such a critical part of any organization’s success. No one knows more about culture and how to create a winning one than Chellie Phillips. Culture Secrets will give you the winning formula.”
David Branderhorst

Business Coach and Founder, Design Launch Grow

“If you want to learn great insight about co-op culture, how to define it, and how to influence it, Chellie Phillips is your best bet. Her experience and her knack for asking the right questions has made Chellie a treasure for the cooperative community and for anyone interested in developing and impacting the culture of their organization. “
Jana Adams

Executive Director, Touchstone Energy

“Chellie has put together an incredible book that delivers actionable techniques any business leader can use to increase employee engagement quickly.”
Jessica Rhodes

Founder, Interview Connections

“For current or aspiring leaders tasked with developing or fixing a failing workplace culture – this book is a must-have. With inspiring stories, candid conversations, and a simple V.A.L.U.E framework, it provides a unique overview to get you started.”
Grant Baldwin

Founder and CEO, The Speaker Lab

“Chellie Phillips, has hit a home run with “Culture Secrets”! The wisdom she shares from her own research and experience, as well as from the insights of those she interviewed, packs this book full of gold nuggets. This is a must-read if you are serious about creating a culture that attracts and retains top talent! “

Chris McClure

Executive Leadership Coach, Author

“Chellie Phillips is a highly respected leader and knows firsthand how to impact culture to ensure a thriving workplace. This book is a MUST-READ in your leadership arsenal.”

Marlo Huggins

Executive Coach

“The culture problem is a tough nut, and Chellie cracks it: understand what motivates the individual, and your cultural comprehension will follow. Lots of practical advice here she’s extracted from those who are making it work right now. Smart stuff from cover to cover.”

Michael Long

Co-author, The Molecule of More

“Today’s leaders struggle to navigate a new marketplace. People want more than a wage to survive. They want to be valued for who they are and respected for their talents. Chellie highlights a new type of leadership needed to create strong employee retention, attract new talent, and produce a strong ROI for any company that hopes to remain relevant.”

Lisa McGuire

Personal Brand & Messaging Strategist

“I’ve had the privilege of seeing Chellie Phillips in action, building and developing a strong, positive, and effective workplace culture. In “Culture Secrets” she builds on her experience by sharing practical and powerful techniques from other leaders in their fields. I highly recommend this book to any leader who wants to build a successful workplace culture.”

Doug Fitzgerald

Radio Personality