What My Wonderful Clients Have To Say

"Chellie has helped me find my passion and purpose again. She gives you straight talk and great advice. She’s helped me find the joy in what I’m doing again."
Casey Rogers
Area Liasion for U.S. Rep. Martha Roy
"Experience was a huge roadblock for me. No one wanted to hire me without 3-5 years of experience for an "entry-level" position. I had searched for two years before using these tactics. Now I have a job in my field."
Alex H.
Business Degree
"The journey to ensure others see your potential can be quite frustrating. Chellie helps you unlock your highest potential faster and easier."
Denise Ott
President, Atlas Management Resources
"The biggest roadblock I had was reaching out following preliminary phone interviews. I would never hear back. They didn't give me any information on how to follow up. I wish I'd had the templates (in Successfully Ever After) and information before I started interviewing."
Alyssa M.
Finance Degree
"100+ applications later and I was no closer to a job than when I started until I found Successfully Ever After."
Pamela F.
Communications Degree
"I learned how to use my network. I found my first job out of college because of a sorority sister. I also learned the value of groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. They are a great resource. Once you make connections there, they are usually willing to make introductions and referrals.”
Dallas C.
Marketing Degree

Recommendations for "When in Doubt, Delete It"

“Reading this book will have you no longer feeling alone as a working professional woman. Chellie helps you realize that not only are your struggles shared by others but most importantly, they are your biggest learning opportunities. You will feel empowered to take risks, love more deeply and live life to the fullest, regardless of anything that comes your way!”
Lindsey Bridges
Vice President, Communications & Member Service, Georgia EMC
“After reading over the first few chapters of When In Doubt, Delete It, I could see the faces of over a dozen women who I will be purchasing this book for upon its release! Chellie’s straightforward edits are for people like YOU who are convinced they have a bigger purpose, who are passionate about their dreams, and who know that they are meant to do something big. Whether you are still at the idea stage, or whether you are ready to open the door of the next opportunity, Life Edits is the solution that you need to get the life that you deserve.”
Tory Minus
Author of Inevitable Collision
"When In Doubt, Delete It! is such a fun, unique, and refreshing way to receive great life advice! Chellie’s personal anecdotes are so relatable and inspire you to evaluate the important things in life, and then to do what it takes to relentlessly pursue those things as you work toward becoming the best version of yourself. If you’re feeling unsatisfied personally or professionally, this is a must-read to rediscover and reignite your passion, so you can live a successful and fulfilled life."
Nikki Stephens
Assistant District Attorney
"Reading When In Doubt, Delete It! is similar to receiving sage advice from a good girlfriend. Chellie uses her gift of writing to share sound, practical advice that can be used by any woman at any stage of life. Utilizing an editor’s approach to everyday life allows readers to realize how quickly we can stop and make changes instead of accepting that our story has already been written."
Christian Bowerman
Executive Director, Newnan-Coweta Habitat for Humanity Inc
“When in Doubt, Delete It! is like sharing life’s joys and challenges with a dear friend and gaining truth, encouraging words and a hug that sends you away stronger. Chellie has a heartening way of leading us to our own deeper edits so we might rediscover the things we love and use them to write a better chapter - for ourselves. We can all choose to take the time to examine our heart, notice the good and say yes to life! Well done, my friend"
Lynn Moore
"Chellie has written a book that you can sit down on a cozy afternoon, read, reflect and enjoy. You will find yourself frequently picking When In Doubt, Delete It! up to go back to a section on what you are living right then. Her wonderful stories make the book come alive and help you see that many others are living with the same fears and desires. I know the students that I work with would love this book."
Barbara Patterson

Endorsements for "Get Noticed, Get Hired"

Even though most people have a job, or will want a job at some point, I’ve yet to meet anyone who is a professional job searcher. Why? Because embarking on a job search is not something that’s done every day, and the methods and rules for a successful job search are constantly changing. Yet how you navigate the process can have a big impact on one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime—sometimes multiple times—so it’s critically important that you get it right. Get Noticed, Get Hired should be one of the first tools that you add to your job search toolkit. Chellie is a wise and experienced guide that can help you to understand how to start the process, set yourself up for success, and get noticed for the opportunities that are an ideal match for your skills and experience. Don’t waste your time—and potentially damage your career—by going it alone. Use the resources shared in this book and learn from Chellie’s advice. You’ll not only be able to connect with the job of your dreams, but you’ll also have the tools to manage your personal brand and grow your career in the future!
Jennifer McClure
CEO of Unbridled Talent LLC and Chief Excitement Officer of DisruptHR LLC
The digital age has made the practice of job searches incredibly complex and overwhelming. It’s time-consuming, stressful, and chock-full of conflicting advice! You hold in your hands a map that will guide you down a path that is destined to be both rewarding and life changing. Author Chellie Phillips gives you the tools you need to navigate the modern job search while showcasing your skills and staying true to your values and passions. Her unique approach will show you how to create a successful resume and how to avoid common pitfalls that can sabotage your ability to land an interview. You will learn the rules to transform your career marketing materials that are guaranteed to secure your ideal career path. Building a personal career brand will serve you well whether you’re seeking your first job out of college or positioning yourself for a promotion. I’m thrilled for you because I know what awaits you on the other side.
Louise Elliott
Career Coach and Author of The Brainpower Pyramid and Companion Journal
Just simply being the best person for the job is no longer an option in today’s job search market. You must be prepared to market yourself and put your best qualities on display. Chellie’s book is the perfect go-to book to get the best information about marketing yourself in a professional manner so that you get noticed and get hired.
Vantney D. Alums, Ed. S
Dale County Schools Career Coach
I’ve built a career around helping students launch into the adult world. It’s tough landing that first job after college, but Chellie shows recent graduates that by building a personal career brand, they can start climbing the ladder of success right out of the gate. Get Noticed, Get Hired is full of strategy and advice for job seekers in any phase of life. It’s like having a career coach alongside you as you navigate today’s digital job search market.
Sandy Brantley
Author of Get the Duck Out of My Pond, Teen Growth Evangelist and Speaker
Get Noticed, Get Hired has everything you’ll need in one place to land your ideal job. This book walks you through job hunting strategies, building a power resume, crafting a personal career brand and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Follow the steps Chellie lays out and you’ll be the job candidate all the hiring managers and recruiters remember. I believe so strongly in Chellie’s expertise, that I signed my son up for the online course. Since working through the course and directly with Chellie over the past few weeks, I’m happy to share that he just received his first interview request and another company has requested his resume. Those are texts from a college senior that a dad loves to get. Thanks Chellie!
Doug Fitzgerald
Best-Selling Author, Speaker & CEO ONESHOT. ONELIFE
What a great resource for women of all ages! This book bridges the ages with so many up-to-date tips that may be new for some but help take the fear away for anyone. Throughout the book, you see quotes of women that could be any one of us ...so relatable and provides the lessons learned through others’ experiences. Those insights make us feel better knowing that we are not alone. In fact, there are crucial statistics that emphasize why this discussion is so important. There is so much helpful information.... I’m not looking to make a change, but I assure you if I am in the future, this book will be the first place I turn.
Tammie Pinkston
Director and Global OCM Lead for Delivery for Information Services Group, Former Assistant Professor, College of Business, University of Oklahoma,, Former International President, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority
Finding a job in today’s competitive, ever-churning, ever-changing job market is no easy feat. The job-search process has become extremely complex but something you must learn to master if you are to land meaningful employment and advance your career. Social media plays a big role in how others see you and will have a significant impact on whether you are seen as a viable and desirable candidate for a job. Recruiters and hiring managers search daily for candidates online, and so, if you want to be noticed and get an interview with your targeted company, you need to get on the radar screen in a positive, engaging, and enticing way. Chellie Phillips’ book, Get Noticed, Get Hired, provides insight, strategies, and resources to help you create a positive brand that will get you noticed by influencers and hiring managers. Your professional image can begin as early as high school based on what you post on social media and can either help or hurt you. Colleges and employers will look to social media to formulate their opinion about your character, your background, how you spend your time, how you relate to others, and any other insight they can ascertain about your personal brand. If what they see aligns with their values and brand, you may get an interview; if it doesn’t, you will be eliminated as a potential candidate. So, take control of your brand by following the advice and wisdom that Chellie shares in her book so you will get noticed and get hired!
Kerry Ahrend, M.S., PMP
Author of Project Career Quest: Navigating the Journey to New Opportunities Waiting
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