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Enjoy Episode 121 of the Power of Promise Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller, where Dr. Miller talks to Chellie Phillips, author of “When In Doubt, Delete It!” The Power of Promise Podcast exists to help people to overcome life adversity and to discover their God-given promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose.


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1 Habit for Women Action Takers

Podcast: Envision Media Press celebrates Women Action Takers with its incredible new book, “1 Habit For Women Action Takers”.

I have a part in a new compilation book – 1 Habit For Women Action Takers – Life Changing Habits from the Happiest Achieving Women on the Planet.

Let’s celebrate the women who make things happen. Who inspire others. Women who lead the pack and make the world a better place every day.


Habits Shape Who We Are.

The cool thing, though, is we can instill in ourselves good Habits. Even better, we can change bad habits (aka unHabits) into good Habits.

In this book, you will find stories from women action takers who are on a mission to make a significant impact on this planet by sharing their Habits and unHabits to help you place one foot in front of the other when you need it most.

No matter how much you wish, hope, pray, desire, want, or manifest, nothing happens without action. You can see an opportunity staring you in the face, but if your Habit is to ignore that opportunity and turn the other way, that opportunity is lost forever.

What type of unHabits do you have that you would like to change?

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