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Primed vol. 4

An e-zine dedicated to career development.
Spring is a great time to evaluate your career plans and set goals!

Primed Vol. 4

Primed vol. 3

The Goal Getter Issue

This issue is dedicated to helping you gain clarity on your career goals.

Jan 2021 Primed E-zine Cover

Primed vol. 2

Prime Your Mind To Win At Work

Learn about soft skills and how to ace your performance review.

primed magazine cover

Primed vol. 1

Workplace Stress Is Natural, Learn To Deal With It

Manage your time in a way that works for you and learn to become the CEO of your destiny.

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To get you noticed and on the path to career success.

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

Make the most of your remote work opportunities.  Download Now.

Create An Engaged Workforce

What are the signs of an unengaged workforce? Use this checklist and see! Download Now.

How to Attract, Hire, and Retain Productive Employees in the Modern Age

Want the best employees? Use this guide! Download Now.

10 Steps To Move Your Career Forward

These tips will get you noticed in all the right ways! Download Now.

Laid Off Checklist

This checklist provides you with immediate steps to take to protect you and your benefits. Download Now.

Cover Letter Checklist

Use this handy list to make sure your cover letter catches HR’s eye! Download Now.

Creating A Personal Brand

Creating your personal brand is the first step to career success. Download Now.

Career Assessment

Thinking about a career change? Take this assessment before you make a decision. Download Now.

LinkedIn Checklist

Creating an optimized LinkedIn Profile will get you noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. Download Now.

Successfully Ever After - Job-Search-Tracker

Use this form to keep up with your submitted applications, contacts, and follow-up. Download Now.

College Success Guide

Want real world information on how to help your teen succeed in college? Download Now.

Checklist for Using Social Media To Attract Colleges

Building a personal brand begins early. Use this checklist to start building yours to gain positive attention from college admissions. Download Now.

25 Job Interview Secrets

How to wow HR in an interview. Download Now.

The Ultimate Guide To Remote Work

Secrets to Thriving When You’re Not In The Office. Download Now.

Attitude Determines Outcome

6 simple principles can make sure you never have a bad day again. Download Now.

Event Planning Worksheet

A handy list to make sure your next event is a success. Download Now.

Professional Growth Journal

Do you have a career development goal? Use this journal filled with prompts to help start the journey. Download Now.

Visibility Workbook

Are you struggling to get noticed in the workplace? Worried if you are promotiable or not? Use this workbook and get noticed now. Download Now.

Career Planner

Do you have a career development plan? Use this guidebook to gain clarity and set professional goals for yourself. Download Now.

Stop The Scroll LinkedIn Presentation

Does your LinkedIn Profile have Scroll Stopping Power? Download and get quick tips to optimize and make your profile more attention getting. Download Now.

Find Time For What Matters To You

Just think, if you saved…12 minutes x 5 work days = 1 extra hour a week and 1 extra hour a week = 52 hours a year! Download Now.

When In Doubt, Delete It! Workbook

Use this workbook as you read When In Doubt, Delete It! to gain greater clarity, increase the joy you feel and get on the path to success. Download Now.

Top 10 Job Search Tips for Recent Graduates

Got a new graduate struggling to find a job?  Download Now.

Detecting The Breakdown

5 common writing and communication failures and how to fix them. Download Now.

Dealing With Negative People In The Workplace

How difficult people affect you resides solely in your hands. Download Now.

Writing Your Personal Story

Here’s a set of short prompts designed to get the ideas flowing. Download Now.

Writing Your Business Story

Writing your business story can really help you find your true north career-wise. Download Now.

Hard Truths

9 truths you must embrace to be successful. Download Now.