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I have had the pleasure of being a guest on many notable podcasts. These are the latest and greatest.

Stacked Keys Podcast

This episode is full of information that will challenge you to bring your best and give your best. Hear motivation to shift into roles that honor your experience and training. Meet Chellie Phillips, author, communicator and career coach. She says that if you’re considering a career change, looking for new opportunities, or if you’re interested in building a brand, then get clear on your message and who you are, and about the values that you want to portray. So many gems in this episode! Tune in with this link or where you listen to podcasts. You are in for a treat!

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The Mary Guirovich Show

“No One Pays You What You’re Worth, Only What They Think You’re Worth” 

Have you ever thought about your personal brand?

Do you know you have a personal brand?

Yup! That’s right, even if you haven’t been intentional in creating your brand, you have one, and you have designed it.

Here’s the thing: brands are foundational to the success of our careers.

Yet, most people are unaware of what their brand says about them, that they are in full control of their brand, and how to create a brand for the career of their choice.

In this episode, I collaborated with Chellie L. Phillips to help empower and direct you to live your dream life and career by discovering what your brand says about you and how to re-frame your brand to advance your career. Enjoy the episode by tuning in!

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Get Down To Business with Shalom Klein

Chellie joined radio and podcast host @Scott “Shalom” Klein for a fast-paced discussion about why now is a great time to boost your personal brand. Listen now.

She’s Invincible

Chellie had the best time chatting with Kamie, the host of the She’s Invincible podcast.

Check out what they talked about in the episode:
• How can you start building your brand?
• How can a person be a valuable asset?
• Why is intentional branding important?
• How can you convey your brand personality through social media?
• And much more!
Check it out now.

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Marketing and branding expert Chellie Phillips joins Tara this week on LIFTu Live to discuss ways to make both company and personal brands the best they can be!

Build a Vibrant Culture

Chellie Phillips explains how your personal brand communicates your goals and philosophy

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