Leading through dark times

Written by CPhillips

September 7, 2017

As much as we hate talking about it there will be times in life where we all face trials. It could be the death of a close friend or family member, a divorce, or even a health scare. So how do you lead others amid your own personal crisis? Can you still show up authentically for others when you are just trying to get through the day?
We all like to put on that perfect face for others, but remember it is your humanity and life experience that really makes you a strong leader. What you’ve experienced and lived through help you be more compassionate and give you the insights to help others.
Being perfect isn’t what makes you a good leader. Your ability to keep going in the face of adversity is. Be kind to yourself. Don’t expect more of yourself that you would of someone else. Give yourself permission to grieve or be mad. Acknowledging your own journey allows you to relate to what is going on in the life of someone else.
Remember that you aren’t alone. You’ve got friends and family that have your back and they will be a source of strength for you. While you may keep that part of your life private in the workplace, you don’t have to keep it from that core group of people in your life. Having that outlet is a good thing.
Give yourself permission to enjoy people throughout the day. Find joy where it surfaces. If you can muster the energy to celebrate the accomplishment of others, you’ll be surprised at how that feeling of happiness will continue with you for hours after you leave the office. You can let your troubles go for just a little while and experience that temporary release.
Give yourself permission to take a personal day. Maybe you need that day to stay in bed and binge watch comedies on Hulu. Maybe you need a day to sleep and rebuild your energy. Emotions can cause physical effects. Know yourself well enough to know when you need that moment to recharge. You can’t lead people if you allow yourself to be depleted.
No one expects you to be a superhero every day. We’re all human. It’s our humanity that makes us great leaders. Take care of you and you’ll be able to take care of those in your charge.

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