Do You Know the Secrets To Reaching YOur Career Peak?

Written by chellie

May 12, 2021

Man climbing mountain with words asking you to join 10-day training

What does reaching the peak mean to you? For some the “peak” simply means reaching the highest point of something, like a mountain. What if we applied that same idea to your career journey?

There’s a process one goes through when the peak is their goal. Think of it just like a mountain climber. Before you can get to the top, you’ve got to do several little things to prepare for the climb.

Check out what’s coming….

In honor of International Coaches Week, beginning on May 17, I’ll be sharing a FREE 10-day training designed to help you lay the groundwork for a successful career climb.

How You’ll Prepare For the Climb…

Throughout the 10-days, you’ll learn how to identify your unique version of success. That’s the great thing about your journey to the peak. Your peak can be different from someone else’s. Just like no mountain is the same, each success climb is unique to the climber. You’re not competing against anyone else other than yourself.

Once you’ve identified your vision of career success, you’ll start the training. Just like a climber can’t tackle the mountain without proper gear and conditioning, you shouldn’t tackle a career move without a solid plan. Inside this training, you’ll discover one of the biggest muscles you need to exercise is your mind. A negative mindset will derail a success-climber from their trek. If you tell yourself you aren’t smart enough, you’re not connected enough, or you’re not worth it, then you will never reach your greatest heights. You begin to believe what you hear over and over. The first step you need to make toward success is reframing the negative talk that’s going on inside your head. Over the 10-days, you’ll learn simple tactics to help boost your confidence and stop the comparison game.

Along the climb, you’re likely to encounter some roadblocks. This training will help you identify the most common roadblocks people allow to slow their success-journey. By knowing what to look for, you can make a plan to detour around them and continue your climb.

As we wind down the 10-days we’ll focus on the importance of your network. Climbers know the value and importance of surrounding themselves with experienced and enthusiastic partners. The same is true for a success-seeker. Whether it’s a mentor or a professional contact, building long-lasting relationship is key to your continued career success. This training helps you identify who you should connect with and keep you from making networking faux paus that could slow your career growth.

Are you ready for the climb?

You also receive a FREE copy of my e-book, THE PEAK: Reaching The Top of Your Field, and a companion workbook to make sure you’re set up for success. Additionally, each post will reference pages or sections of the material you can use to dive deeper into the topic. I want to make sure you have all the tools you need for a successful climb.

It doesn’t matter if you are years into your career or just starting out, if you want continued growth in your professional life, you’ll find key tactics you can implement right away.

Simply fill out the form and the e-book and workbook will arrive in your inbox. Then sit back and keep an eye on my social media channels and your inbox next week. Beginning on the 17th, I’ll make a new blog post and a video message. Then it will be added to my social media channels to help guide you along the process. Each afternoon, you’ll receive an email with a recap of the days training to make sure you don’t miss a thing. One quick note, there will be no post on the weekend. You can use these days to catch up on anything you might have missed, or dig deeper into areas that interest you.

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