It’s Black Friday – Invest in You Today!

Written by chellie

November 26, 2021

It’s Black Friday and the world is hitting their favorite online or big box retailers trying to make a dent in their Christmas shopping list. While you’re shopping for everyone else, don’t forget to add you to the list. Today’s a great day to invest in yourself.

Thanks to the “great resignation,” many people have rethought how they want to spend their career. Reports show over 30 million people have quit their job in 2021. Maybe you’re one of them. Over the last 18 months, the uncertainty and upheaval in the world has caused many to rethink their priorities and it’s left companies scrambling to find workers. That means there are vacancies at all levels in the workplace. Now is the perfect time to investigate career changes and opportunities you might have been thinking about for some time.

Did you know January and February are typically great months to get hired?

Why? Retirements take place. People are finished with holidays and vacations. Budgets have reset. If you have your personal brand ready to go and your career marketing materials (resume and cover letter) ready to go, you have a great opportunity to land the position you’ve always wanted. What’s more, due to the changes in the economy, you can practically design your preferred job offer. Many companies are offering hiring bonuses, added retirement benefits, tuition assistance, student loan relief, remote opportunities and many other perks that have traditionally only been offered at the C-suite level.

So how can you stand out from all the other jobseekers?

The first step in getting the job offer of your dreams, is getting noticed. Typically, you have less than 10 seconds to catch a recruiter or hiring manager’s eye. If you aren’t getting called back for interviews for positions you know you are qualified, chances are your personal brand isn’t making the cut.  The good news is you can build a personal brand designed with career success in mind in as little as 30 days.

What’s a personal brand?

Your brand is what someone thinks about you when you aren’t in the room. It’s what people think of when they are asked to describe you.  Whether you’ve actively created a personal brand or not – you have one. So how do you make sure people perceive you in the right way? You have to actively create your brand. It should represent your goals, your achievements and where you’re headed in the future. 

It’s important to be authentic in your brand. No one likes a fake. Make sure it shows your personality.

Remember, you aren’t trying to create a brand everyone wants. You’re trying to create your brand to attract the hiring manager at a company you want to work for. Just like some folks like Coke and others prefer Pepsi, each brand has its own tribe. You’ve got to build a brand that showcases the skills and strengths they are looking to find. 

Once you’ve decided what your brand is going to be, the next step is making sure people see it. 

How do I build my brand and get it seen by the right people?

It’s time to take control of your success journey and not count on some piece of software deciding your resume should be seen by the hiring manager. In today’s competitive work environment, you need to create a brand that gets you noticed and makes you the standout candidate for the position you want.

  • You do this by crafting a resume full of facts, not fluff.
  • You write a cover letters that grab attention within 7 seconds.
  • You create an online profile recruiters can’t ignore.
  • You set yourself apart in interviews by showcasing why you bring more to the table than anyone else.
  • You negotiate an offer that not only sets you up for financial success, but it also addresses other key components of your life goals as well.

Successfully Ever After is an online program that walks you step-by-step through setting up a brand designed to highlight your strengths and skills in a way that gets you noticed by your supervisors, hiring managers and recruiters. It’s like having a career coach in your back pocket, walking beside you through designing a brand that gets the right attention.

Inside you’ll find strategies for creating a LinkedIn profile that stands out and captures the attention of recruiters. You’ll learn secrets to writing a cover letter and resume that stands out and lands you in the interview pile versus the trash can. You’ll learn how to position your experience in a way an employer can see you working with them. And you’ll learn easy ways to ask for what you want when you receive the job offer you’ve been looking for.

Successfully Ever After shows you how to take control and create your own version of success now and in the future.


As a BONUS, anyone signing up for SUCCESFULLY EVER AFTER before December 31, 2021 will receive FREE access to my SUCCESS BRAIN course (a $197 value) as well. Mindset plays an important part in any success, and it’s vital when you are job searching. You’ll learn the how to remove limiting beliefs, eliminate negative habits, identify obstacles, and learn surprising ways to change your mindset that attracts success.  By combining the information found inside Success Mindset and Successfully Ever After, you’ll create a success mindset, build a life you love, reduce your stress, and grow a more satisfying career. What are you waiting for? Your next best career move is waiting right around the corner. Start preparing today for the success you want tomorrow.

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