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princess diana

Written by chellie

September 1, 2022

A lesson on personal branding

Yesterday (8/31) marked the 25th anniversary of the death of an icon – Princess Diana.

Who can forget her?

I remember thinking she had to be the classiest woman around and one with a heart of gold. Whether it was the wedding seen by millions, her charitable work, or the tragic wreck that ended her life, there are images of this icon forever etched in our minds.

As a student of the power of personal branding, she built one of the most powerful ones in the world.

While her quiet persona and shy glances may be what she is best remembered for, she also used her strong values and belief to influence and advance causes near and dear to her heart around the world.

She also carried her brand over into her image as well. And if you watched the progression on television like I did, she matured and grew more confidence and comfort in her choice of clothing. She went from a demure schoolteacher to owning the royal spotlight donning elegance and sass.

She was the people’s princess.

From princess to outright queen

As women leaders, we all have different characteristics and traits the world needs to see. It’s important we get comfortable in our own skin and learn how crafting a power personal brand can help us make sure our messages and passions are heard.

Authenticity to yourself is key. I know there’s been a ton of media speculation throughout the years about how Princess Diana was unhappy in her personal life and that the face you saw in the public didn’t match what was happening behind the scenes.

I like to think a little differently…imagine that.

Perhaps we were watching a woman who finally recognized how powerful her voice could be in championing causes that mattered to her. It’s like we watched her grow into that realization and learn to stand on her own worth. I think she was a master of managing her message. In fact, I liked the later version of her much more than the younger one.

That’s the great thing about personal branding. It evolves as you evolve. It allows you to show up from the inside-out. And it allows you to control the narrative, something Diana did with excellence, especially after separating from Charles.

She truly was “queen of people’s hearts.” (How’s that for a stellar personal branding statement?)

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