How to Become Amazing at Presentations

Written by chellie

November 2, 2022

Being convincing in front of an audience can be challenging. If you find yourself experiencing difficulties presenting to a group, you’re not alone. After all, it’s not easy to change the mindset of your audience to align with yours during a presentation.

Getting into the minds of others can be rewarding if you’re successful at it. And it’s quite possible to do so by developing your presentation skills. The way you present, both orally and in writing, can make you a formidable leader and is a great way to solidify your personal brand.

Use these tips for developing good presentation skills and getting the attention of your audience:

  1. Let your personality shine. Whether your presentation is a speech or PowerPoint, it’s important that your personality shines through.
    • When you show your personality, you come across as more believable. People want to pay attention to you because you’re gaining their trust through your approach.
    • Allowing your personality to shine through makes it easier for you to present. You’ll feel more at ease because you aren’t feeling forced to put on a show. Being yourself takes a lot of stress off you!
  2. Make your message clear. A clear presentation is always the best type. When your audience members quickly understand what you’re putting forward, you stand a greater chance of achieving a buy-in from them.
    • Shorter explanations are often more effective. Sharpen your presentation skills by trying to get your thoughts out in as few words as possible.
    • Analogies are sometimes helpful. However, when you give your audience too much to think about, they become disinterested.
    • Avoid selling the cow if all you really want to sell is milk. A direct approach is usually better. Remember you have limited time to capture the interest of your audience.
  3. Practice or recite your presentation. Practice makes perfect. And such is the case with your presentation. When you practice a speech or recite a presentation, you become so much more comfortable with it. Comfort with your material reads as confidence in the eyes of your audience.
    • Assemble a mock audience and present in front of them to test your effectiveness.
    • When you practice, the message becomes second nature. As such, you may not have to read much of what you’re presenting. That gives the impression that your sentiments are coming from your heart.
  4. Play the role of the audience. How would you respond to your own presentation? Test out your presentation by recording it and then listening to it over and over again. Try to be impartial as you listen.
    • Dissect the recording, highlighting areas that need to be changed or enhanced. Make note of how you felt after hearing each part. Chances are your actual audience may feel the same.
    • Play devil’s advocate. Be a tougher audience that you anticipate having when you actually present. That way, you’ll be able to achieve near perfection in delivery of your message.
  5. Learn to tell stories. Storytelling goes a far way in making presentations successful.
    • Use a story to break the ice and get your audience pumped up.
    • Use a story to make the moral of your story clearer.
    • You can also use a true story to show the benefits of what you’re presenting.

Working on your craft can turn you into an amazing presenter. Spend time honing your skills and reap positive feedback as soon as you step up to the podium.

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