Is Being a Team Player Important for Solopreneurs?

Perhaps you work a full-time job right now. On the side, you operate an online business from your kitchen table. You’re in good company. Jeff Bezos started the billion-dollar Amazon retail giant from his garage. Bill Gates got his start in his parent’s garage. (Pretty good motivation to start running your business from your garage, huh?) In my book, Culture Secrets, you get to meet the brothers who started a gourmet popsicle business, The King of Pops, with a pushcart bought from EBay.

Whether your company is brand-new or seasoned, and you’re a huge success or barely profitable, maybe you’re a go-it-alone entrepreneur. There are a lot of folks just like you. Solopreneurs are some of the most driven people in the world.

They hold down a full-time job while juggling personal and family responsibilities. Then they make time on the side to pursue their dreams. Does that sound like you? If so, you might not think being a team player applies to your situation.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

These successful soloprenuers sought help immediately when they began their respective companies. They understood that they could only do so much themselves. If their dreams of building a successful company were going to happen, they needed to build a team.

Even if you’re very small right now, running a micro-business where you do most of the work, you’re probably dealing with other people. These are virtual assistants, freelance writers, and graphic designers. You may never have considered these people your team, but that’s what they are.

The Most Successful Solopreneurs Develop a Team-First Attitude

As the founder, owner, and operator of your entrepreneurial dream, you wear a lot of hats. You’ve had to learn to do many things. There’s no doubt you’re the big boss running the show.

You have an idea you’re trying to turn into reality. You might want to do things your way, but you shouldn’t do them alone. The more help you get, the faster you can grow. This means building these team player skills.

  • Share your vision.
  • You have to communicate effectively.
  • Follow-up with your team members is essential.
  • Ask for input, brainstorm, and allow people to share their ideas.
  • Be flexible and realize not everyone thinks or works the way you do.
  • Offer performance bonuses.
  • Communicate with contributors and let them know in no uncertain terms that they are important for your team’s success.

My friends, it’s all about creating a culture where people feel valued and part of something larger than themselves. I’ve shared a few simple ways you can benefit by viewing your entrepreneurial project as a product of teamwork. It gives you and the people that work with you common goals. When people feel like they’re a part of a team, that sense of belonging can improve performance. It means creating the desired result quicker than trying to do everything yourself. If you want more ideas or would like to talk about ways you can build an amazing culture and see how it impacts your business – big or small – reach out and let’s talk. 

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