Real stories aren't written; they are told like you'd tell your best friend

Written by CPhillips

July 12, 2016

You’ve got to be a storyteller, not a writer.
Before anyone will share your story, you’ve got to get them to “hear” your story.
One of the best things you can do, is write as you speak. But, only when you speak well.

When you talk with a friend, you tend to get right to the point. You leave out the parts that don’t really matter. You are selective in what you tell them.

Don’t commit the sin of overwriting. You should write as simply as possible without being simple. If the reader doesn’t understand because your writing is highbrow, that doesn’t make it brilliant. That makes it a waste.

When you speak, you tailor a conversation to your friends personality. You use common words and phrases. You use words that are comfortable to each of you. If you can’t say it, you shouldn’t use it in writing.

The readability of your story is determined by the number of words in your sentences and paragraphs. Generally speaking a 20 word average has 90% readability level. 25 words drops your readability to 84%. A 30 word average is even worse at 39%. You can check this in most of the program’s you write in.

Good writing takes thought. You have to cut away what doesn’t fit.

Your stories, especially in business, need to speak. Use quotes for transitions and to allow members to hear a voice. Don’t tell readers what they can figure out for themselves.

Use suspense to keep the reader moving through your tale. You can place tidbits of information that keeps them interested and wanting to know more.

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