What if you could get an emergency culture alert?

Written by cfcadmin

October 4, 2023

Phones everywhere went off around 2:20 pm EST today thanks to a national emergency alert test. Thankfully it was just a test. But it made me think, what if we could get a warning when culture starts to decline or go bad in our workplaces.

It’s not always easy or obvious to identify when subtle sgifts in culture begin. We get busy just making the day to day of work happen. By the time we start to see the bad results of a workforce that has disengaged, it’s to late to get reactive.

So today, I want to share your “emergency alert” list of things to check for so you can stop the culture decline before it gets away from you.

  • Your employees are only doing the bare minimum
  • There is poor communication at meetings, between departments and between co-workers
  • No ideas are being shared
  • Your star performers are beginning to miss deadlines
  • Normally reliable employees are absent more
  • Teams are quick to point fingers at others
  • Productivity is beginning to decline
  • Employees aren’t getting along with each other

If you begin to notice any of these symptoms of declining culture, let it be your emergency alert. Get ahead of the problem by addressing it head on.

If you want tips on where to start evaluating your culture check out my tip sheet. You can also grab a copy of my latest book, Culture Secrets: Secrets Leaders Use to Build a V.A.L.U.E. Culture.

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