Are you counting what matters?


Before you begin any communications, make sure you have measurable objectives.  Do you know your reputation has a tangible value? That what your customers perceive is important?

Communicating today isn’t just about getting the words on paper. It’s about giving your customers information they will use and remember in the future. It’s about adding trust and credibility to your brand.

So how do you become a knowledge broker for your customers?

  • Be the first to identify and discuss emerging issues. Be a forecaster and look six to eight months down the road.
  • Be clear in your goals.
  • Be relevant to your audience. Remember it’s not all about product. Reputation is king.
  • Be an advocate for them and their beliefs.
  • Be easily understood.
  • Be informative. Make sure you give both sides of the story and give real data to back it up.
  • Be credible. Use only solid research to back up your claims.
  • Be a risk taker. Be ahead of the curve.

By putting these steps into practice, you are increasing your worth in your customers mind. This trust will turn into a long term relationship and generate a positive impact on your bottom.

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