Imperfections make us shine

Do you start each day doubting your outfit? Your hair? Your ability? Do you doubt yourself because you are less than perfect? Are you afraid to let others see that side of you?

For so many, the feeling they have to put on the perfect face for the world has to be a heavy burden to carry every day. So many career women feel they have to have everything together if they want to succeed, impact, and inspire others. The opposite is really true.

People respond more when they know the real you. When you show them you are owning and accepting your imperfections and still doing big things. It’s the fact we aren’t perfect that allows us to relate and truly connect with others.

Our scars and baggage show the world we have made it this far on the journey. We’ve coped with the sadness, disappointments, and failures and still managed to find moments to celebrate and grow along the way.

When we are able to see our value, despite our imperfections, that’s when our real strength as a person begins to shine through. That’s when we can really begin making an impact on others around us.

In a mentoring situation, would you benefit more from knowing a person made mistakes and still found a path to success or more from someone who never shares anything other than successes? Are you willing to let someone see how you used those situations to strengthen yourself and grow your skills? We don’t need to be perfect, just willing and open to grow.

The most meaningful relationships develop between people who are real with each other. When you can truly be you and not hide behind false expectations you’ll find your tribe. These are the people who will uplift you. It’s freeing not to worry about what we are “supposed to be” and just “be who we are.”

The need for perfection keeps us from starting new things too. If we’re worried we won’t succeed, or what people will think if it doesn’t turn out just right, then we’ll never take those first steps toward learning something new. So many dreams remain unrealized because of this. Our fear of not wanting to look less in the eyes of the world can paralyze us and keep us in the same place we were the day before.

The pressure to be perfect and error free can take the toll on your health. Stress is a killer. It can lead to heart issues. It can lead to weight gain, depression and more. That constant feeling of not being good enough will begin to take root. Be gentle with yourself. Realize your authentic self is something to celebrate, not hide.

As I close out this post, I want to ask you a couple of questions. What would you do if you weren’t worried about doing it exactly right? What chance would you take, or what new passion would you pursue, if it didn’t matter what your journey to get there looked like?

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