All marketing starts with a problem


All marketing starts with a problem. Do you agree?

Whether you are marketing your company’s latest venture or you are looking for your next career move, all marketing starts with a problem. Once you’ve identified what that problem is, you can begin to craft a plan for solving it.

Research shows that a person must see your message at least 5 times before it begins to register. In today’s world, where digital is queen, figuring out how to capture someone’s attention that many times is a challenge.

We spend more time on our phones that we do watching television today. The best way to get that message out now is by making yourself a part of the community. Be a resource. People want dialogue and relevance.

Think about what you have to offer. Would a live facebook event where you share your story and experience be right for you? What about a free PDF where you offer a sample marketing plan that exceeded your expectations? If you can find a way to become a resource – a way to help eliminate a “pain” in someone’s life or workday – you will be one step ahead of your competition.

Got other great ideas? Please share!

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