Propel Yourself Forward

Propel Yourself Forward
Do you feel like juggling your commitments to work, family, friends, church and even your pet leave you shaking your head at the end of the day? There are days where I’d like to flip off the adult switch and just stay on the couch under a warm blanket.
Working a full-time job, taking care of those that matter and still carving out that time you need to be creative can be a challenge. So many of us worry if we take that “me time” people will see it as we aren’t giving our all, or that we are wasting our time on something that doesn’t really matter. Everything we do well is driven by a passion and a desire to do whatever it takes to produce the best. For some of us, that means it’s time to embrace the imperfect and messy. For others, it means saying no to something that doesn’t give you that lift or keeps you from spending time developing a talent or skill you enjoy.
When you reach that point, it’s time to PROPEL.PROPEL Yourself
P – Push yourself. Do something out of your comfort zone. Grow your skills. Increase your circle of acquaintances and friends. Join new groups. Find the inspiration you need to do the things you enjoy. This push will fuel you with determination to meet all of life’s craziness head on and with purpose.
R- Rejoice in life’s blessings. Take a moment to be thankful each day. Let it be a reminder of how far you’ve come and all you can to look forward too. An attitude of gratitude will leave you feeling ready for tomorrow.
O- Organize. Use a planner. Don’t let all the little things sneak up on you. Put everything on your calendar. If you don’t know about an appointment or a school program you can’t account for it. These unscheduled interruptions in your day can steal precious moments. They through deadlines off. They keep you from meeting goals. Of course, there’s still things that will crop up unexpectedly. The kids will get sick. The pipe bursts. But 90% of the time, the chaos in our schedules comes because we didn’t plan.
P-Prioritize our choices. When you split your energy between too many things, you end up feeling lost and unaccomplished. Spend time each day (or week) and make a priority list. Then use it to make sure you give the items that matter the care and attention they deserve.
E- Energize yourself so that you are ready to face another day. Our passion and drive is our energy source. While our time may be limited, our inner fire isn’t. You’ve got to take the time to focus it so that all areas of your life get fueled. It may be time to connect with your spirituality; write the words that are running through your mind; or just playing a rowdy game of corn hole in the backyard with your kids. Whatever it takes to refuel your tank, make that a priority.
L-Learn to experience “new” every day. Explore new things, writers, music, places and food when you have the opportunity. Broaden you view.
By propelling yourself forward this year, you’ll ensure you genuinely show up and give the right amount of attention and focus to the things that matter. It will give you the balance you need and take you to new levels.

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