Write Better

Write Better

Have you thought about combining your news style articles (the who, what, when, where and why) with interesting and entertaining feature style? This combined style adds information in a tight concise manner while still having the flair and appeal of a feature story.

More important than style is finding good and appropriate story ideas. Good stories will inspire you. In turn, your writing will be more interesting. Look for stories about people. People love to read about other people.

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Good writers are good interviewers. Rule of thumb is to interview three people for an article. Make sure you plan a list of questions before you arrive at the interview. You can develop a standard list of questions to use that will give you a glimpse into the person and their personality. Ask questions like: Describe your hobby, job, idea. How did you get started? What is unique about it? What are you doing differently than you were 5 years ago? Describe yourself.  What was the turning point? What’s next for you? Who else should I talk to?

Make sure you allow enough time for the interview. When possible, interview in person. Record the interview but take notes that key you to other questions. Meet outside the persons office if possible. Don’t interrupt them. It’s their story, let them tell it. After the interview, call back if you have follow up or something just doesn’t seem right.

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