5 Things I’m Thankful For in 2020

When you think 2020, does this sound familiar?

“Is it over yet?”

“It’s groundhog day – the same day over and over.”

“I hate masks.”

“I love working from home.”

“I hate working from home.”

“Let’s just wipe it out of the history books and start over.”

I’ve been guilty of wishing the year away. But as I stopped and thought about it, I’m also thankful for several things that 2020 has shown me.

So here’s a list of 5 things I’m thankful for in 2020.

  1. 2020 has shown me how to live in the moment. I refused to live in fear and hide in my house. Now, before you all start bashing me for not taking “the virus” seriously, let me stop you. I do believe it’s real and I do believe there are people who are more susceptible than others to it. If you’re in the population, then take whatever precaution you feel necessary. I’m not talking about that. What I am saying is I choose not to stop living life and experiencing things because it’s out there. Yes, I’ll be smart. But I’m also still going to visit wonderful places, eat good food, enjoy the company of friends, go to work, celebrate birthdays and holidays and refuse to let fear of what if stop me from living my best life at the moment.
  2. I’m thankful for adaptability. My second book launched not too long after the world shut down. That meant no book signings or speaking events. It’s hard to promote a book when you can’t get out and talk about it. Thankfully, there’s still social media – it seemed to ramp up more than ever. I could have sat at home fretting over the fact no one would hear about GET NOTICED, GET HIRED. Instead, it forced me to up my game and timeline. Along with the book, the online membership sites launched too! I spent the time developing and compiling all of the content used to write the books, along with prior research and information I’d used with my private coaching clients and made it available in a form anyone could use, anytime. An online course had been part of the timeline, but not until the year after the book had been out. So when plan A doesn’t work, we move on to B,…..C……F……K……….well you get the picture. You can’t just sit and not move forward.
  3. I’m thankful for fearlessness. Being afraid must be paralyzing. I’ve quit watching the news because every moment of it focuses on something designed to erode your confidence in others and belief in human kind. Sure, there are bad people in the world. But I hold to the belief that there are a lot more good ones than bad. Being afraid also means not trying new things or having big belief in your dreams. If nothing else, 2020 has shown me not to sit on those dreams. Put the energy you’d give to worry to good use and go after the things that matter to you. Take those first steps toward creating your new business or finding that perfect relationship. Whatever it is that gives your heart joy, make a path to get there.
  4. I’m over the moon thankful for my clients who have trusted me with their career journey. I’m blessed to be doing the things I love in life and making a living doing those. I wake up each day and feel appreciated, valued, and part of something bigger. But, I’ve been on the flip side as well. The side where when you pull in the parking lot of your office building you literally get a pit in your stomach because you know no matter what you do today, someone there won’t think it’s enough or think your position should even be needed. That sucks. I’ll be real. It does a number on your self-worth. So when I get an email or a text from a client saying “I got the job I wanted,” or “They offered me the promotion,” I think I’m as excited for them as they are. I value the fact they put their trust in me and believed in me. Knowing I’ve helped them find a path that not only provides financial stability, but also aligns with their values and their unique skills is so exciting.
  5. Finally, and most important, I’m grateful for my circle. That circle includes a family that has loved and supported me and my dreams from day 1. It includes friends – some old, some new – who I trust to be truthtellers and are my biggest cheerleaders. It includes coaches – those who are willing to share their knowledge and help me succeed. And it includes you – the one reading this post. Whether you know it or not, every time you comment, like, respond or share, you provide me with a little more fuel to keep writing blog posts and creating workbooks or checklists. You show me that the information is valuable and needed and that it makes a difference.

So I owe 2020, and you, a big THANK YOU for all that you’ve added to my life this year.

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