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Written by chellie

March 29, 2021

A lot of people find me after they are burnt out or have paid someone else big money to help them develop career marketing material that a hiring manager will actually take time to read. I hate that. Why? Because I know they’ve probably wasted a lot of money and are on the brink of frustration.  That’s why I created The Career Accelerator, an affordable solution to expensive private career coaching. 

It’s an all in one solution

Inside you’ll find: 

  • Information on building and designing a resume that recruiters and hiring manager won’t throw in the trash. 
  • How to write a cover letter that showcases your unique skills and makes the hiring manager want to bring you in for an interview.
  • Learn to leverage your network and find jobs opportunities that aren’t posted online. 
  • How to craft a career brand that will grow with you throughout your career and make you a standout candidate. 
  • Strategies you can use to fast track your promotion schedule with your current employer.
  • Learn negotiation tactics you can use to make sure your next offer is the best offer (or use them when you meet with your boss to discuss a raise).
  • Build the soft-skills you need to become a rising star at the office.

The techniques inside have helped hundreds already and are super effective.  They’re valuable whether you’re just starting out in the workforce or if you’re a 15 year veteran. I’ve worked hard to make this a one-stop-shop for career success. To get your hands on the information, click here and learn more about what you’ll find inside.

You’ve got the drive, now you have the tool

If you’re still reading, I know a few things. One, you want to make a positive impact on your career. Two, you want to support your family and have the freedom to spend time with the people you love. And finally, you want to show up every Monday excited about the opportunities ahead. By preparing now, you’ll be ready when that next career opportunity presents itself and puts you one more step closer to your dreams.

Maybe you aren’t sure what steps you should be taking so you’re not making any progress right now and you feel stuck.  Do you see others building influence and being rewarded with raises and more responsibility? Maybe you aren’t sure how they are doing it. 

That’s why I created the Career Accelerator. It’s a membership site that contains everything you need to begin catching your supervisor’s eye for all the right reasons. 

If you’re ready to make a career plan, click the link and check out all you’ll find inside. 

Get ahead of the competition

Right now, more people than ever are looking for work. Being laid off, or furloughed, is scary. Especially in these uncertain times. But that’s the reality many folks are facing today. Once you get past the initial shock, it may actually be the perfect time for you to pursue a career change. If fear of the unknown is what has held you back from pursuing a different direction in your career, this can be the opportunity you’ve needed to give it a go. Career change requires a plan. It should never be something done just on impulse. When implemented correctly you can potentially end up in a career field that better suits your wants and desires.

Competition has increased, and companies are still struggling to find their footing in this new COVID world. But you don’t have to navigate this alone. The truth is, everyone struggles during a job search because we’ve never been taught the right way to manage one – especially in today’s digital job search environment. College gets you the degree, but there’s not a class that helps you find work once you’ve walked across the stage with your diploma. 

The Career Accelerator is like having a career coach by your side throughout your journey. Putting the information you find inside to use can keep you from making costly mistakes and cut the time it takes for you to find your Successfully Ever After.  And best of all, you can start getting full access to everything inside for just $1.

Not ready for the Career Accelerator, but still want more tips on how to achieve professional success, check out these resources:

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